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Epic Fail Pictures That Will Make You Feel Embarrassed


No matter how hard you try, you can’t completely protect yourself from public embarrassment. Whether it’s something harmless such as falling over in crowded mall, or that one evening WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT, EVER, it has happened to the best of us, right?

But imagine this happening to you.


No big deal? Fine, it was just a warm-up. Because look:


Just, look!


It’s not okay to pass out at a party, but it’s even worse if there are chips and a camera involved. Also these two know how to party hard by popping a bottle of champagne.


You can see here someone else partying like a rock star while others pee in the sink. Which one deserves the rock star status more? You decide!


I bet that these comedians weren’t going to make a joke out of this crotch thrust at the local game. But look at the face of this guy though?  Hilarious!


This couple getting into a messy situation which they probably regret the day after. And the other picture? Don’t take bathroom pictures until you clean out the kids diaper first.


Paparazzi photos are never good and I am sure that the bride had to say something about the picture. And the one on the right? Another one bites the dust, or more specifically bites the asphalt.


Prime examples of dressing up fancy. He has to get some new underwear for sure.


Some love to feel the cool breeze while others want to feel warm caress of the leather seat to their buttocks.


It’s not embarrassing if you have a fail and there is no one to witness it. This applies to this dude right here!



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