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18 Eye Brow Fails That Beggar Belief


There is nothing more beautiful than perfectly-shaped eyebrows, but we can hardly do it ourselves. Shaping your eyebrows is no easy job. There are so many factors you need to consider! Big eyebrows are in and they are cute, but what happens when people just go too far? They may have created a disaster, but to us, we can’t help but laugh!

Here is a reminder video on how to perfectly shape your eyebrows:


So, now that you know what to do, let’s see some examples of what NOT to do! Here we have the funniest brow fails. Know what to avoid!

1. The floral look


Have you ever had nightmares about losing your eyebrows? I’ve had tons. But this woman does not seem to care. Instead, she has drawn flowers and branches on the eyebrow spots. Interesting save!

2. Rainbow brows


Next, if you are not a fan of flowers, you can always draw rainbows. She loved them so much that she had to draw them onto her face.

3. Disney villain brows


If it didn’t look so terrible, it would have been the most creative one. It somehow reminds me old Jafar, the evil villain from Aladdin. Who did she have in mind?

4. The criminally bad brows


Next, if you are so pissed off by life, just fix it with the F word on your eyebrows. It should send the message you want, no messing around.

5. The patchy brows


Yikes, this may be a medical condition.

6. The thin black lines


This look gives you lines, not eyebrows. You cannot call these eyebrows, to be honest. She probably just took a pen and drew the lines on her face. So “creative”!

7. The perfect right angles


Her makeup may look nice, but what was she thinking with those lines? Eye frame?

8. The far apart eyebrows


These eyebrows just give her a look like her forehead is two miles wide. What exactly was her game plan here?

9. The full arches


Opposite of the above-mentioned eyebrows, these travel up her head. They are so asymmetrical it makes you want to erase them and start over!

10. The tiny ones


These eyebrows are the tiny squiggles on her face. We don’t know the reason, and we cannot even guess it!

11. The crazy cat lady ones


This one is definitely for the cat lovers. She loves cats so much that she actually had to draw them on her face. In fact, it’s not even a good drawing. They look like fish to me.

12. The ultra long brow


This is something I have never seen before in my life. I wonder if it will catch on?

13. The quotation marks


Next, this lady seemed like she was obsessed with grammar. She put quotation marks on her face! To be honest, I don’t think she knows it, or that she loves grammar.

14. The big brows


Now she would win the biggest eyebrows contest for sure!

15. The full mono-brow


If you are just tired of having two eyebrows, why not have just one? Much easier to maintain!

16. The shaky lines


This lady seems to have trouble with keeping her eyeliner from shaking.

17. The high heels


You might like this if you are a fan of high heels.

18. The sore brows


Finally, this look is just painful. She looks like she has JUST been to the salon. We hope her eyebrows will go back to normal in a couple of hours.


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