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Two Guys Lose It After They Learn That Fake Eyelashes Exist


There are some things when it comes to women that most guys just don’t understand. And nothing will get them more confused than makeup, products and the application process. This girl decided to show her Twitter followers the meltdown two guys had after they saw that false eyelashes existed.

Being obsessed with makeup is not that fun, since you can’t walk into a store and get out of it without nothing in your hands. It’s seriously a big struggle!

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But some guys just don’t understand the power of makeup or what products you can apply to the face. If you try to show them a beauty blender then you will probably get all the weirdest answers.

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Jade Zanatta recorded the reaction of two guys after she told them that false eyelashes really do exist. Their reaction is priceless.

Instagram | @jade_zanatta

She explained to them that you glue them into your lashes and then ripped them off her eyelids for them to see.

“Why would you do that?” Uhm, for beauty, duh?

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But when her friends see her rip her false lashes, they just can’t deal with it anymore.

“STOP!” One of the guys says in the background.


The most iconic line:”Do you still have eyelashes?”

They were terrified after watching that.

Twitter | @reagskurp

A lot of people on Twitter went crazy about this video.

Some of them tweeted:”I’M SCREAMING!” and “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!”

Everything is lit when it’s on caps lock.

Twitter | @reagskurp

Jade definitely exposed some truth to many clueless people online. Thank you!

What do you guys think? Did you know that false eyelashes existed? Tell us in the comments down below!

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