Family with 13 Kids Poses Back In The 1920s


Having kids is very challenging. One is too much, but imagine having 13 kids to keep breathing? Well, someone is familiar with that for sure. The Noonan family, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, managed to raise 13 kids in the 1920’s.

This was the era that the average of 2.5 kids came about. So it’s not a big  surprise that the Noonan family garnered a lot of local attention with a family that big.

They became so popular that Boston Herald writer Leslie Jones was sent to the family to capture images of them in their daily routines. That must have been interesting.


Jones was a well-known writer but also covered larger news stories, such as Charles Lindbergh’s tour of the U.S. after his transatlantic flight. So when he went to the family, he discovered there were 10 girls, two boys and a baby whose sex was not known yet.

They soon lined up to take pictures with their mom and dad, Mabel and Maurice. The proud parents showed off their brood and demonstrated how they did their daily chores like their system of polishing their shoes.

That’s a lot of shoes.



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