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What To Do When The Family Can’t Get Along On Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. All the delicious food, drinks, and also the fancy clothes, are a good way to beat up the November cold and enjoy it. It brings everyone together where you and might end up seeing someone you didn’t have a chance to meet up with for a very long time.  But still, the hardest thing ever is preparing the 5 star dinner.

There’s always some kind of political difference between family members, which leads to arguments about social policy and lawmakers. Yes, it is Thanksgiving, but also time for drama too.

If you are feeling the same way until now, you are going to love this skit from Satuday Night Live.


The scene takes place at a Thanksgiving dinner, with a family sitting around the table with all the delicious food. Very soon, someone brings up a political discussion and things start to get heated.

Then, the conversation escalates leading to their younger niece and her boyfriend announcing their engagement. But the little girl at the table, can’t stand it anymore. She’s just tired from all of this.

Suddenly, she stands and goes to a boombox, presses a button to play some music and the entire video immediately changes.

There we hear Adele’s smash hit, “Hello.”



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