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Fifteen Things About Family Guy You Might Not Have Known


Family Guy is one of the craziest, most controversial and inflammatory critiques of American society. Perhaps that is why it also might be one of the truest. Heavily influenced by shows such as The Simpsons and All in the Family, the series has outgrown them to become one of the most famous modern staples of American television, while reportedly making its creator Seth Macfarlane the highest paid television writer on the planet.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about the show that can still shock and make one roll on the floor with laughter after fifteen seasons.

1. Seth’s favorite scene

Show creator Seth MacFarlane’s favorite scene from the show is Peter trying to get Tom Selleck to eat a spoonful of beans through the TV screen.

Source: handofzeus0207

2. “What the hell”

Despite the perpetuation of a long-standing myth that the phrase “what the hell” is said in every episode, this has been proven incorrect.

One episode from season three didn’t have the saying in it.


Source:Plugged In

3. William H. Griffin

Actor and director William H. Macy tried out for the part of Brian Griffin, but Seth MacFarlane decided to voice Brian himself.


Source: Tumblr | victoriawill

4. Seth Macfarlane and Adam West

Macfarlane met the late actor when he guest-starred in an episode Seth wrote for Johnny Bravo. The writer found the original Batman’s performance so funny, he created a similar character when he was developing Family Guy.



5. Meg

Meg was voiced by Lacey Chabert for the first season, but the Mississippi-born actress left to focus on on Party of Five. She was replaced by Mila Kunis.

Chabert said about Kunis, “I think the show is hilarious, and don’t have a grudge against her at all. I think she’s a great actress.”



6. Mila & Meg

Kunis was only 16 when she started voicing Meg, which means she was roughly the same age as the character!



7. “Shut up, Meg!”

MacFarlane has admitted Meg is always getting the brunt of the abuse in the family because the (mostly) male writing crew don’t know how to write for a teenage girl.



8. The Chicken

Peter’s rival in the notorious Chicken Fight sequences is called Ernie.


Source: Imgur | Global

9. Hanna-Barbera

MacFarlane used to work for the legendary animation studio Hanna-Barbera before he got his own show. He credits them as a big influence but has also poked fun at them with a host of their characters appearing in Family Guy during the early seasons.


Source:Now Cultured

10. Theme song

The opening theme is an homage to “Those Were the Days”, the opening sequence of All in the Family.


Source: Suspended | FOX

11. George Lucas

The legendary filmmaker is a huge fan of the show and gave Family Guy clearance to do Star Wars parodies.


Source:Movie Pilot

12. Awards

Family Guy has been nominated for 12 Primetime Emmy Awards and 11 Annie Awards and has won three of each.


Source:Family Guy Wiki

13. Rachael MacFarlane

Seth’s sister, Rachael, also voices some of Family Guy’s characters. The most memorable one is probably Olivia Fuller, Stewie’s on-again, off-again romantic interest.


Source: YouTube | Brian Griffin

14. Rex Gilligan Griffin

Seth MacFarlane based Stewie’s voice on Rex Harrison’s performance in My Fair Lady.


Source: YouTube | DAWWEFAN78’s channel

20. Megatron Griffin

Meg’s full name is not Megan, it’s Megatron. That might just be the coolest thing about her.


Source: Family Guy Wiki

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