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Family Finally Gets To Hug The Hero Who Saved Their Babies From A Flooded Truck


Imagine fearing for your life for a couple of seconds, or minutes, or hours. Imagine being stuck somewhere where you are unable to help yourself, or your family. What would you do? This incredible footage shows a total stranger helping a family get out of an overturned car during a deadly tornado in Texas. First, he saved the two babies, and then, the whole family.


East Texan, Phillipp Ocheltree, and his family were attempting to escape the danger of a tornado, but their SUV aquaplaned and flipped over in a second. They went into a ditch with the two kids and his wife Emily inside the car.

“It was just black,” Phillip explained. “We couldn’t see anything, and I was just trying to find my babies.”

However, help comes very soon after when strangers arrive to help the family in the middle of the storm. The six-minute video shows moments of panic and the calm after their rescue. More than 16 million people have watched it and gave praise to the strangers. Eighteen-month-old Addyson (Addy) and four-month-old Marshal are soon saved and alive.

“I just told them to get my babies, I’ll find a way out,” Emily said.

After they were saved, Emily and Philip were curious about their identity and wanted to meet them again. “I just want to hug those people who helped us,” Emily told local news.

Jamie Martinez was one of those men. He was a former firefighter in Guatemala and now works as a musician. He says that he never forgot the CPR training, which helped him save the two kids. This incredible man decided to do something even more beautiful.

Therefore, he surprised the Ocheltree family at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. He found out that the hospital released Marshall, wheres Addy was kept in, but in a stable condition. Emily finally had the chance to hug the man who rescued her family.

In the video below, you can witness this intimate moment of them hugging and expressing gratitude.

Source:WFAA Media, faithit

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