17 Family Portraits Every Aspiring Parent Should Take A Look

17 Family Portraits Every Aspiring Parent Should Take A Look At


Now, I am not a parent and I was asked to do this article. After a close inspection of the photos that you are about to see, an old Peggy Lee number suddenly started playing in the back of my head.

Is That All There Is?

Let us go through the pictures together.

Below you have 17 family portraits that will make you laugh and cry, but not out of spite or sadness. I just wait the day when I’ll accidentally step on a Lego block pointed upwards, forgotten in the midst of what used to be my living room,  and laugh it off, minding my own business.

1. This was surely scheduled to be a date night.


Source:Sad and Useless

2. You have to allow kids to try out new things , since this is how they learn.


Source:M ogul

3. Did you say to your kids that they cannot have ice cream? Are you for real?! They are still going to have it, one way or the other!


Source:Darn Kid

I am pretty sure that that poor soul didn’t mean that.

4. I wonder what might have happened here.


Source:Danielle Guenther

A box of Life cereal had spilt on the floor. Life spilt on the floor.

5. Ok!


Source:Daily Mail

I have to hand it to these kids, I always wanted to try that!

6. At The Groceries


Source:Danielle Guenther

I am starting to get worried.

7. Picasso Baby!


Source:Danielle Guenther

This little fella knows exactly what he is doing. Picasso used to paint on glass, why can’t he?

8. Always think of your first child


Source:Danielle Guenther

You know those parents that totally abandon the first child when the second is born. Don’t do that, please. Especially if your first child is a dog.

9. The Shining



Kubrick couldn’t have done it better himself!

10. Wait Till We Get Home


Source:B uzzFeed

I am proud to say, I will be the secret-shoulder-grip mom. Hell yeah!

11. The Family Portrait


Source:Reddit via Killingmesmalls

This photo, I love. That beautiful little peachy princess!

12. Morning Notes


Source:Reddit via spoonpie

I cannot wait to do this with my kids. I love notes. You can tell that this kid really has character to him.

13. Unleash The Dragons


Source:Imgur via chaselye

I have nothing to say but that. They will be done in 25min.

14. Sneaking Into Your Mom’s Room


Source:Imgur via hahaletiz

I used to do this, but I used to sneak into my aunt’s room at the time. I don’t regret nothing.

15. Young Aspiring Artist


Source:Imgur via chaselye

You have to allow your kid to follow their dreams. Even if that means shattering yours!

16. Seventh Heaven


Source:Imgur via chaselye

With all that sponge or whatever that is sticking out of your furniture, it’s literally a seventh heaven situation.

17. “Hey guys…. Moooomy is hooomeee…! What the…?!”



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