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Fan drops ring during televised Yankee Stadium engagement

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Andrew Fox was planning something big when he invited his girlfriend Heather Terwilliger to watch a Yankees game on Tuesday night. The tickets were a 29th birthday present for Heather as she had celebrated her birthday on September 21st.

The pair had travelled from New Castle, Pennsylvania, and were planning to see Times Square by night after the game.

The couple were appropriately dressed in Yankees gear. He wore a Mariano Rivera No. 42 and Terwilliger sported Derek Jeter’s No. 2.

During the middle of the fifth inning, Fox dropped to his knee, as the camera focused on the big moment broadcast from the centre field video board. As he opened the box to make his proposal, the ring jumped from it’s snug cushion.

The crowd inhaled in one communal gasp and then exhaled in mean-spirited booing as Heather joined Andrew in the rummage for the ring in the second row of section 228 in the ballparks second deck. The hunt was televised between pitches by the Yankee’s YES Network. Other fans joined in the frantic fumble, using their phones as torches, hoping to save the moment and stop Fox’s tears.

“I opened the ring box and got on my knee, and as soon as I opened it just fell, and we couldn’t find it for the longest time,” Fox said.

After what seemed like an eternity, Terwilliger, spied something shiny in the cuff of her pants. Yankee Stadium public address announcer Paul Olden informed the crowd the ring had been found and the crowd of 35,161 cheered throughout the stadium.

“Everyone was trying to help us find it, and it ended up being in her pants leg, like the bottom of it,” Fox said.

Fox, once more on bended knee, carefully presented the ring to heather, who took it gleefully before kissing him fervently.

“I’m shocked, but I’m feeling in love,” a thrilled Terwilliger said.



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