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13 Cartoon Fan Theories That Sound Crazy But Not Completely Unbelievable


Fan theories might not be what makes the world of the movie business go round, but they definitely give it some unique flavor. We know about many theories devised by feature film aficionados, but what about animated movies? Here are thirteen strange but not completely implausible fan theories from the universes of Disney and Pixar.

1. Aladdin taking place after a nuclear apocalypse

Aladdin’s genie does a lot of riffing based on 20th-century pop culture and complains about being trapped in his lamp for 10,000 years, which is longer than all but the most ancient human civilizations unless the movie takes place in the future. Still not convinced? In the official video game, there’s a modern-looking stop sign half-buried in the sand – perhaps a remnant of the pre-apocalypse world?


Source: Movie Pilot

2. Tarzan’s parents = Elsa and Anna’s parents?

When asked about the theory above, the producers of Frozen stated on Reddit that the Arendelle king and queen survived the wreck, escaped to an island, had a son, and were promptly killed by a leopard. Another argument is that Disney likes to make tie-ins between its different projects.


Source: Wikia

3. In Toy Story 2, Jessie was abandoned by Andy’s mom

A theory claims that the reason behind Jessie’s abandonment issues is that her original owner, Andy’s mom, abandoned her years ago. Andy’s hat is pretty much identical to the hat Jessie wears in later movies — some fans believe it was part of his mom’s cowgirl outfit from when she was a kid.



4. In Up, Carl is already dead?

As if Up wasn’t heartbreaking enough, a fan theory claims that instead of journeying to South America, Carl was actually moving into the afterlife to find his beloved wife.



5. Frozen, Tangled and The Little Mermaid all take place in the same universe

In Frozen there’s a brief shot of Rapunzel and Flynn at Elsa’s coronation. We also know that in the beginning of Frozen, Elsa and Anna’s parents died in a shipwreck. The last time the audience sees them, they are getting on a boat. Some believe that Frozen takes place in Norway and Tangled takes place in Germany, and one way to get from one country to the other is through Denmark – the place where Ariel, the Little Mermaid lives.


Source:Disney Screencaps

6. Every single Pixar movie takes place in the same universe

The first Pixar movie released was Toy Story in 1995, but the first Pixar movie chronologically is 2012’s Brave, which takes place in medieval Scotland. Merida discovers magic that turns her mom into a bear.


Source:Nerd Approved

7. Was Belle reading Aladdin?

In Beauty and the Beast, Belle loves reading more than anything else in the world. She describes one of the books she’s reading as a tale about “far-off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise.” Sound a little bit like another ’90s Disney movie, doesn’t it?


Source: Huffington Post

8. Was The Incredibles influenced by Atlas Shrugged?

At first, it might be difficult to imagine this Pixar film having anything to do with Ayn Rand’s famous 1957 book but there are clues that make it plausible that the dystopian novel was an influence. Mr. Incredible is very similar to the main character in Rand’s book, John Galt: both are motivated by rational self-interest, and both are powerful members of society who feel underappreciated and disappear. At one point in the cartoon, Bob Parr drops to a knee, holding a robot’s body across his broad shoulders similarly to the famous pose of Atlas.


Source: Comic Vine

9. In Tarzan, Jane is actually the granddaughter of Belle and the Beast?

There are superficial similarities — Jane is a dead ringer for Belle, they both have romantic relationships with wild men, and they both love the color yellow. But what might have really given it away is the scene in Tarzan where Terk is seen drumming on a tea set that looks like Mrs. Potts and the little teacup Chip from Beauty and the Beast.


Source: Disneyfied, or Disney Tried?

10. Did feminism begin with the death of Gaston?

Some fans believe actually Gaston is the hero in Beauty and the Beast — that after all, he was just trying to rescue Belle from a lifetime of Stockholm syndrome with a tyrannical beast. But Belle has no use for Gaston, and he eventually dies trying to save her and Belle is perceived as the first cartoon princess who is not portrayed as someone who does what she’s told by the man in her life.


Source: The Disney Wiki

11. Mufasa helped Simba from the afterlife

After Mufasa died, he was able to communicate with Simba through the clouds. When Simba finally defeats Scar, he does so with a lot of help from the natural elements. A fan theory claims Mufasa could control parts of nature from beyond the grave and that he manipulated the wind, sun and rain to give his son a bit of a home-field advantage.


Source: The Disney Wiki

12. Why don’t any Disney protagonists have moms?

Strong dads and no moms is the name of the game in the Disney universe. One famous exception to this rule is Bambi, a film which was released before Walt Disney’s mother passed away. Disney was very close to his mother and it has been said he never really got over her death.


Source: Life Seasons

13. Is the merchant in the beginning of Aladdin the Genie in disguise?

This fan theory was finally confirmed by the director. The merchant has four fingers like the Genie and even shares the same goatee. Both characters were voiced by Robin Williams.


Source: Slate

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