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Fans Have Found A Not-So-Obvious Error In Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone


Harry Potter has been one of the greatest fantasy stories of our time, enchanting millions of people around the world. It was also the inspiration of eight films and a spinoff, and so much more in the world of art! The novels, written by the talented J.K.Rowling chronicle the life of the young wizard, Harry Potter and his well-known friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. It wasn’t a long ago when Facebook celebrated Harry Potter’s 20th birthday that you can see here.

But, while fans are still in love with the outstanding witchcraft and acting, watching the movies over and over since 2001, hardcore or cynical fans are busy revealing an error or two, that J.K.Rowling has made throughout the book.


J.K. Rowling has become one of the richest authors on the planet, and she is still dealing with explanations to any plot holes that her fans have discovered. Also, she is totally aware that her fans are smart, dedicated, a bit too dedicated, it seems, to finding any errors she has unintentionally made.

“As obsessive fans will tell you, I do slip up!” she told her fan site. “Most of the fansites will point you in the direction of my mistakes.”


Some of the plot holes are obvious. For example – why don’t the wizard kids ever learn maths or English, for example? Others require deep knowledge and thinking, why did nobody point out that Ron has apparently been sleeping next to a man called Peter for years, as Peter Pettigrew is Scabbers the rat?


One group of fans, however, have come up with a central plot flaw, starting from the beginning of the series to the very end of The Philosopher’s stone.

When Lily and James Potter die on Halloween, Hagrid rescues Harry and takes him to the Dursley’s. However, he arrives at the house almost a whole day later, shortly before midnight on November 1st. Have you ever wondered where they were until then? Hagrid says that the journey was easy, while Professor McGonagall has been hiding out round the Dursley’s house all day in cat form. He was obviously waiting for the baby to arrive.


Hagrid also made the point that he wanted to get Harry quickly away from his parent’s house, because some of the neighbors might have discovered him in the wreckage. And he jumps on a flying motorbike, and heads off into the night.

As you are well-aware, wizards can move around pretty quickly and get anywhere they want. So, how is it possible for Hagrid to have taken a whole day to get from Godric’s Hollow in the South West to Surrey, just south of London?


Many fans have taken to forums to debate this loop.

One user reasoned on Cosforums: “It must of been something more important than leaving Harry, in his own destroyed house, alone for almost 24 hours?

“Then again, it might of been a small error in dates by JK Rowling which led to the theory.”

Another fan questioned: “I think it is reasonable to think that they took that day to write out the letter, conduct surveillance on the Dursleys and make sure the coast was clear.”

Maybe the author just mixed the dates a little bit, after all.

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