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Fans Spark Rumors That Kylie Jenner Revealed The Gender Of Her ‘Baby’


Rumors are abound and plenty – Kylie is supposedly pregnant. Did she just confirm it on her Insta, hinting also at the gender?

This was reported by Jennifer Davis from the InStyle US website, and could turn out to be pretty big news.

Was Kylie Jenner trying to tell us something in riddles? Lots of her Instagram followers seem to think so.


Yesterday, while on a photo shoot, she shared on Instagram a photo from the preparations. She captioned it with a somewhat enigmatic notion in pink, which led many to presume that she is maybe telling us the gender of the child.

💞 shoot day

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The photo features Jenner’s signature long nails painted in a very light pink hue, while on her fingers were golden butterflies decorated with pink jewels. The short and cryptic caption consisted of a pink hearts emoji followed by ‘shoot day’. The rumors started flying immediately.


Apart from the obvious clue in the pink color, what’s also kind of revealing are the butterflies. Kylie and her boyfriend, the rapper Travis Scott, both got matching tattoos with butterfly motifs this summer. Travis also recently released a single called ‘Butterfly effect’ and gifted his girlfriend with butterfly themed jewelry.

This just proves that you can’t blame fans for concluding that Kylie is hinting that she may share some wonderful news soon. Maybe news involving a baby girl?

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