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Farmer Puts GoPro Inside A Bucket Of Water, Makes The Animals YouTube Famous


There’s nothing like sticking a camera somewhere unbeknownst to somebody and then having a little bit of fun with it. Of course, if I were doing it, I wouldn’t exactly think to place a GoPro inside a bucket full of water then placing the bucket in the middle of the desert in the Terlingua, Texas, USA area. This person did and got some very soothing footage of animals having a drink.

bucket 1The video, titled “the bucket” has since gone viral, racking up over 5 million views, only two weeks after it was uploaded by TheFieldLab. It starts off slowly, with a few bees stuck inside, then the birds show up, and then we see the appearance of a special animal: George the rabbit.

bucket 2“I was pleasantly surprised during the edit to see that George [the rabbit] made an appearance. I know him from all the other rabbits because of the tiny notch in his ear.” John Wells, the head of the YouTube channel and an alternative energy and sustainable researcher said. He also added that “the swimming bees were rescued.”

bucket 3John Wells, who moved from New York to almost ‘the middle of nowhere’ to pursue an off-grid lifestyle, is already known in certain ecology-conscious circles for managing to build a modern house with solar energy and composting for just $1600. He might be far away from the city crowds, but, with such cute critters coming to visit, he surely doesn’t get a chance to feel alone.

Through the rest of the video, we also see a burro and the chickens. Combine it with the soothing background music, and it makes for a very enchanting video that may just put a smile on your face.


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