Take A Look At This Fascinating Contemporary Interiors

Take A Look At These Fascinating Contemporary Interiors


Getting your own, fascinating new place is the itch everyone wants to scratch once in their life time, as soon as possible. Decorating your surroundings gives you a fantastic opportunity to express your inner most aesthetical tendencies. To be home is to be at peace with yourself. To be at peace with yourself is to be able to attain and obtain what you consider beautiful and worthy.

The spaces that are featured below are a true reflection of how their owners wanted to feel when at home and when with themselves.

Contemporary interior design is the closest that it has ever been to the wild musings and daydreams of people ever.

There is no way that you won’t loose yourself in your imagination before going to bed with this beautiful, aquarium topped bed.


This is as beautiful as is creepy. But it’s not really. It’s a masterful craftsmanship of lightening.


This indoor pool. Oh my God. I want.

Breathtaking indoor-outdoor pool

I can see myself gathering the younger part of my family at this swing table set. I can imagine kids eating cereals or coloring on this table.

Swing set table to enjoy the meals with your family

A recent study conducted by Professor Stephen Heppell said that students are performing better at school when ‘shoeless’.


Maybe this sand office will help you work better and feel relaxed while doing so.


There’s is also a slide, to arrive in your office sliding.


Also, check out this cat entertainment center built for a private residence in San Francisco.

Awesome cat tunnel system for cat lovers

It is called the Steampunk Cat Transit System (CTS). This beautiful cat has its owners working from home and since they didn’t want the cat to be bored, they commissioned that this design be made.


This contemporary bathroom design I love. What’s the catch?

fascinating 6

This powder room with a glass floor looks down at all the 15 levels from the building, a space which was initially made to be a second elevator. This penthouse can be found in Guadalajara, Mexico.


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