These 15 Photographs Are Incredibly And Beautifully Fascinating


In my mind, photographers are superhumans. Magicians. Creators of wonder. When they are given the right equipment and the right setting, they can produce some truly incredible photographs, and luckily enough, they upload these photos to their personal portfolios, and those personal portfolios are on the internet, which means we can show them to you and you can also be amazed with us! It’s an amazing world, isn’t it?

No, seriously. It’s an amazing world we live in. Check out these photographs and you’ll understand what I mean.

1. This photo that was taken before some huge waves splashed on the beach

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2. Polished layers of car paint from a disused Detroit factory.

These 15 Photographs Are Incredibly And Beautifully Fascinating 1

Source: Reddit | Proteon

3. This seahorse that was looking at its own reflection on a diver’s watch

These 15 Photographs Are Incredibly And Beautifully Fascinating 2

Source: Reddit | Mind_Virus

4. Extreme close up of a book page


Source: Facebook | Pyanek

5. Kayaks. A lot of them.


Source: Nancie Battaglia

6. Shoes without soles

If you read that out loud, it sounds like something totally different.

Shoes waiting for soles.

Source: Instagram | @paulworpole

7. Life on the line just to take an amazing photo


Source: Instagram | @lifes.heart Brandon Goforth

8. Tree stays perfectly still even after extreme erosion


Source: Reddit | Tommy_tom_

9. Denim

It's denim.

Source: Reddit | GrandeSwag

10. A guitar’s tuning keys


Source: Reddit | mlndshh

11. Log piles


Source: Instagram | @fouad

12. A match head

Look at that phosphorus!

The head of a match.

Source: Facebook | Pyanek 

13. Very scary

No. Just no.

Source: Reddit | SoulXtrm Keith Ladzinski

14. A single snowflake

Look how incredible it looks!


Source: Flickr | Alexey Kljatov

15. A majestic lion

A majestic lion at night.

Source: National Geographic Joel Sartore

Which one of these is your favorite? Have any more to share? Share them in the comments!


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