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These Are Some Fashion Mistakes You Might Be Making


Most of us can see fashion mistakes on others. Does this mean that we can detect our own fashion blunders? Not likely, unless we have taken the time to learn the rules of dressing.

There are plenty of so-called fashion mistakes we’re all familiar with and know to avoid, like wearing a brown belt with black shoes, wearing socks under your sandals, and so forth. But there also exists a number of anything-but-obvious errors, many subtle ways to disrupt an otherwise stellar outfit.

It’s very important for being a woman of style to see these mistakes that you might have been making before they get out of hand. Below we have some cool examples to see what we should avoid for the sake of fashion.

1. Undershirt

When you try to wear sweaters over the top of a collared shirt, often you are left with visible wrinkles. So, you can try to layer a tank top in between the two layers to smooth out the button up.


Source: Franish

2. Stick & Conceal

When blouses have that gap between, you can use permanent double sided tape.


Source: Home Stories A to Z

3. Cuff Correctly

If you are wearing ankle booties, cuff your jeans and your legs will look longer!


Source: Babble

4. Tall Boot Trick

You don’t need to wear only skinny jeans with tall boots. Simply fold the cuff of flared or baggy jeans, put on a long sock, and voila!



5. Stop The Shed

The night before wearing your sweater, make sure to put in a Ziploc bag and then put it in the freezer overnight. This method will eliminate shedding.


Source: Getty Images

6. Roll Right

If you want to wear a cuffed sleeve look, start by unbuttoning the entire sleeve. Then just fold the shirt halfway up your arm and roll the bottom sleeve up the arm once more.


Source: WhoWhatWear

7. Prevent Pillage

Use a sweater comb, pumice stone or pill shaver to help clean off your sweater, but never pull the pills by hand.


Source: POPSUGAR Fashion

8. Accessorize Appropriately

Do you love necklaces like I do? I have so many necklaces and sometimes it can be difficult to know which necklaces look best with certain necklines. Learn from this neckline guide for the perfect pairing every time!


Source:Inside Out Style

9. Spray Your Tights

If you want to prevent your tights from runs and tears, just spray them with hairspray.


Source:Getty Images

10. Tuck Properly

Blouses with pencil skirts are hard to style sometimes and tuck them into skirts. But, you can knot the end of your blouse for a flattering look.


Source:Trendy Curvy

11. Cinch Away Shapeless

Sometimes shift dresses make us look shapeless. To see a simple cinching tutorial, click on the source below.


Source: Seventeen

12. Flat Iron Collars

For an easier ironing experience, take a flat iron to your collars.


Source:Getty Images

13. Drape Instead

Everyone loves classy jackets. Try draping your jacket over your shoulders if you want to look extremely stylish.


Source: Getty Images

14. The Half-Tuck

The half-tuck is an easy way to instantly make your outfit appear more relaxed.


Source:Getty Images

15. Belted & Beautiful

If you are wearing multiple layers of clothes, putting a belt on your waist will instantly add some shape to your look. Give it a try!


Source: Getty Images

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