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Fashion Makover After Losing Weight


Being overweight and struggling to lose those extra pounds can be difficult sometimes. People don’t always have the patience to go through with it because there is so much to deal with. It’s really important to be strong though, to tell yourself to keep going, and to surround yourself with support, because the results can be so rewarding. Getting your weight to where you want it to be, means you’ll look and feel so much better if you’re strong and determined.

Well, the women in the video below is about to go into a whole makeover after losing 26 pounds, which is huge and SO inspirational. Let’s check it out, because for sure, we’re in for photos of one happy lady. They take her shopping, the explore new pieces of clothing, and it’s all such a fun project with such inspirational people. And the enthusiasm is contagious, but you’ll see that for yourself.



So classy

Here she is, trying on dresses in different styles and different prices, looking fantastic in both.


Make sure to share this with that person you know who’s struggling to make a change for themselves. Then you can go shopping for new clothes with them.Enjoy!


Source:Westfield AU

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