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Fat Joe Talks About The Tidal X Concert To Help Puerto Rico To Recover From Hurricane Maria


Puerto Rico and several other major countries in Latin America are now recovering from the biggest hurricane catastrophe ever seen there 1928. Hurricane Maria attacked the entirety of the country, making it the tenth most intense Atlantic hurricane in history.

With 78 deaths recorded so far and that number expected to rise, this catastrophe is no joke, causing nearly $91 billion worth of damage. The hurricane dissipated on October 3, and Puerto Ricans are especially in need of help for recovery.

Celebrity rapper Fat Joe, who just happens to have Latino ancestry is currently trying his best to help out the casualties of the catastrophe. Along with criticizing the US’ lackluster effort to assist the country in its recovery, the 47-year-old Terror Squad member also talked about the Tidal X concert, alongside Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled and Jay-Z, among other famous musical artists. The concert, which is set to take place on October 17 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, will donate all of its proceeds to national disaster recovery organizations.

Fat Joe sat down with CNN on Wednesday morning (Oct. 4) to discuss how he’s been doing his part, alongside Jay-Z and Tidal to help the country in its recovery. In an interview with Billboard last September, Joe encouraged Puerto Rico to remain positive after being ravaged by two punishing hurricanes in the form of Irma and Maria.

“We feel stranded,” Joe told CNN regarding the matter. “As U.S. citizens, Puerto Rico has paid their part. I have two little cousins that’s in the army right now, willing to give their life for this country. And the fact that it took so long to get any help out there, that’s what I mean. So we had to mobilize and power ourselves to collect canned foods and waters and women’s hygiene and toothpastes to give back to our own community, and that we did.”

“I tell them to keep their faith in God. Keep strong! Help is definitely on its way,” he added. “We are going to do whatever we can — by any means necessary, to make sure our people get help. Tidal X, we’re doing a benefit concert on October 17th. The proceeds will go to Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and the [rest of the] Caribbean.”

The concert is the third annual one so far, and it’s major sponsor will be Bacardi, which will donate over $1.3 million to the organizations.

Here’s a snippet of his interview with CNN that he posted on Instagram on October 4.

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