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First And Last Day Of School Father-Daughter Moment

Source: Flickr | Naotake Murayama

As Father’s Day rolled around again, it’s awesome to share different stories about dads and their daughters. I don’t know why but every one of them warms my heart. But, my favorite ones are the time-lapse posts of daughters recreating their first day of school and the day when they graduate. Sierra Mann, posted a picture on her first day at Lincoln Elementary School in Prescott, Arizona and the little cutie rode dad Luke’s shoulders like a total pro.

Source: Twitter | @ssssssierraa

After Sierra posted the pic on Twitter, it seemed to motivate Luke into getting on social media too. On his brand new Instagram account he revealed how close the bond between him and his daughter is.

Source: Instagram | @lucaspaulmann

The main reason that Sierra’s tweet was so special was because the original picture was paired with a brand new one. Father and daughter returned to the same spot at Lincoln Elementary School. Props to Dad who seems pretty fazed by how much his daughter has grown.

Source: Twitter | @ssssssierraa

It’s not the same school where she graduated but the background is perfect still. Some others noted that the pose isn’t technically a “piggyback” pose but they’re just trying to run with the “awww” moment.



Source: Twitter | @ssssssierraa

Her tweet is just another time-lapse photo going around this graduation season. But it’s so nice to see how much love these posts get because they’re just too special not to share.


Source: Twitter | @lilgabsss
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