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This Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Got A Standing Ovation


There’s nothing simple about planning a wedding.  Especially if you are planning a wedding against the clock.

For most people, there is a very limited amount of time to solve an unlimited number of issues that pop-up at different stages during the planning process.

And then there are the classics everything hinges on: the guest-list, the RSVP’s, the cake, the band…

For Olmsted Falls, Ohio bride Holly Wolff and her father Rick Harnsberger it was the dance! Food will be eaten and the decorations will be forgotten as soon as the hangovers subside, but dance videos will still provoke laughter and tears when watched by children and grandchildren many years later.

So Holly and Rick decided to do a dance no one would ever forget!

Father-daughter…on your marks

Father-daughter dance 1

When they started with a typical slow wedding dance no one really expected the medley from different genres and eras that was still to come.

Father-daughter dance 2

The wedding took place on the 1st of October, 2016 and the video of their choreographed performance has since gone viral.

Father-daughter dance 3

Holly and Rick took their guests on a musical journey through the past few decades, kicking it off with Celine Dion’s classic “Because You Loved Me.”

Father-daughter dance 4

The slow tune suddenly got replaced by The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” Rick showed some moves proving there’s more funk in him that one might initially think.

The crowd loved it!

Father-daughter dance 5

“It was actually my dad’s idea,” Holly said.

“He’s danced with me before at my old dance studio and as you can see, he’s pretty good at it,” she revealed.

Father-daughter dance 6

Don’t be fooled by Ricks gray hair, he still “Moves Like Jagger” and why wouldn’t he? He probably grew up with Jagger/Richards’ hip-shaking riffs.

He and Holly rounded it off with a climactic “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC.

Father-daughter dance 7

It has been revealed that no one but Holly’s mother knew about the surprise her husband and her daughter were preparing!

Father-daughter dance 8

“We had an amazing day, we loved how much it reflected us as people,” said Holly.

Father-daughter dance 9

Check out their entire performance in the video and trust us – it’s worth it!

Source:Caters Clips, lifebuzz

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