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The Dad Of Maybelline’s First Male Ambassador Shuts Down A Hater And You’ll Love This


Manny Gutierrez is a guy who loves makeup. In fact, he loves it so much, it brought him to a staggering fandom of 2.2 million Youtube followers. He loves it so much, Maybelline decided to make him brand ambassador.


Source: Instagram | @mannymua733

And that, my friends, is unprecedented. A male ambassador for makeup. This calls for celebration, as we can finally leave those ancient attitudes about which gender does what, right?

Well, almost there.

Twenty-five year old Manny, who comes from a happy family from San Diego, California, has been posting tutorials and makeup reviews on his channel since 2014. Girls love him, guys love him, Jeffree Star loves him! And yet, someone seemed to have a problem with him (and his success).



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Boo, hater.

But Manny not only shut this hater down, he taught him a lesson. Or should I say, that same dad who made him as awesome as he is because he was there taught him a lesson.

Maybelline 3

Source: Instagram | @mannymua733

You’ll love the dad.


Source: Twitter | @MannyMua733

GO, Manny’s dad!


Haters gonna hate, Manny and his dad gonna keep slaying.

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Source: Instagram | @mannymua733

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