This Rat Pack Of One Father And Three Sons Got Simon Cowell In Tears

This Rat Pack Of One Father And Three Sons Had Simon Cowell In Tears


This middle-aged man and the father of three beautiful sons broke down on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent after their audition was over!

Laurie Neale, 59, was overwhelmed to have found the courage to follow his life-long dream and audition for the show after a disastrous heart-attack he had ten years ago.

It caused a great trauma for him and a terrible, deeply-rooted feel that he wasn’t really living his life and that he was missing out.
His sons, James , Dan and Phil accompanied him as they performed the Cat Stevens hit Father and Son. They are affectionately calling themselves The Neales.
It was in a way, a move to honor their beautiful family that they chose to perform that particular number.

They all performed to a backdrop of moving images from the family’s archive: the marriage of their parents, family vacations and the kids growing up.
With their mother in the audience, the boys performed a sublime rendition of the song!

In fact, it was so good, that they made Simon Cowell shed a tear! And that, my friends, is a rare happenstance!

father 1

All of the audience and the judges rose to their feet. It was voting time.

“God, I actually got quite emotional!” said Simon.
David Walliams joked with him: “I didn’t know you could feel emotions!”
“I know,” said Simon laughing. “What’s happened to me?”
“No, it was really really good,” he continued. “It was a perfect song. I really like you guys!”

The crowd went crazy seeing Simon actually liking something that much!

David praised the performance as well. He added: ‘It was incredibly emotional and it was sort of cheesy but really heart-warming. I love cheese. I was very emotional watching that. We are all in tears.’

‘People are going to make a connection with you because the most important thing in the world is family,” Alesha Dixon went on to say.
Amanda rounded up the evening beautifully with…

‘I am completely choked up. Watching you grow up was incredible and to see you all up there as men singing together, your family must be so proud.’
And indeed, they are the moral winners of the night. They were voted in by all of the judges.


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