Father Of Three’s Transformation Proves That You’re Never Too Old To Change Yourself

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When it comes to losing weight, it’s difficult for some people to pinpoint what exactly is causing the problem for them. Sometimes, a lot of people’s excuse for staying in shape would be “I’m too old”. Well, this father of three proved that you’re never too old to change your lifestyle and physique. Check out Ben Jackson’s physique transformation, which he did in just 12 weeks!

Father Of Three Proves That You're Never Too Old To Change Yourself 1

The 45-year-old completely changed his diet and way of living, and like they say, the photos tell the tale.

Father Of Three Proves That You're Never Too Old To Change Yourself 2

I know what you’re thinking now; “How can I make myself look like Ben?” Well, you can start by taking a look at this comparison of his diets before and after:



And then proceed by checking out his typical workout:


“As the weeks progressed, my energy levels noticeably increased. I feel fitter, brighter, mentally and physically,” he told the Huffington Post.


“I’ve been sleeping much, much better, I’ve got more patience with my children and problems at work don’t seem to get on top of me so much. I’m a happier person.”


In these photos, you can see how Ben’s physique changes, week by week.


And it eventually led to this:


We salute Ben and his efforts to change his life, diet and physique in such a short timespace.



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