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Fathers Raising Daughters – Meet The Best Single Dad


According to the U.S. Census most recent information, there are approximately 13 million children living in single-parent households. That in itself isn’t all that surprising, but here’s something that is: 2.5 million of those children are being raised by single fathers. That’s nearly 1 in every 40 households – over half as many as ten years ago –in which custodial fathers are raising children, many of whom are girls.

So, what kinds of challenges are single fathers of daughters facing? Dads love their kids and will do anything to go above and beyond the call of duty; playing every game their child can imagine. They don’t mind breaking out of their comfort zone just to make life easier and more fun for their children.

It’s hard to be a single dad. Single dads often have to figure out things out on their own. Yes, they have their friends and family to give them advice, but that is not enough. Greg Wickherst wants to make sure his daughter Izzy is getting the same care and attention as other little girls who live with their moms.

The college admissions counselor separated from his wife, and is caring for Izzy most of the time. Feeding, dressing, playing, and just being there for her was something that came easily for Wickherst. Except the burly man was lacking a particular skill in one parenting area.

Wickherst first attempts at styling his daughter’s hair was trimming her hair with craft scissors. Wickherst didn’t even know how to put her hair in a simple ponytail.


“I used to just part her hair. Then one day I started trying to put pony tails in and for some reason, I couldn’t figure it out,” he says.

He wasn’t doing a good job, so Wickherst decided to visit the cosmetology department at IntelliTec College.


He asked the cosmetology students to teach him how to style his daughter’s hair.


Of corse, students were more than happy to train this devoted and lovely dad.

What Wickherst learned is amazing!


His talent didn’t develop overnight, the dad explains he has devoted many hours perfecting Izzy’s dos.


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