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How Some Of Your Favorite Canceled TV Shows Were Supposed To End


If you are browsing through Netflix, thinking what show to watch next, bare in mind the possibility that it might get canceled. Just like Gypsi with the Academy Award-nominee Naomi Watts was canceled after one season, or even worse… canceled before they had the opportunity to finish their respective stories, just like Veronica Mars.

The world of television is a cruel place sometimes and it leaves you disappointed when you find out your favorite show got canceled.
Some TV shows end with mutual creative decision by its creators, producers, cast, and the network it airs on, while others get canceled because their ratings drop.

Show runners and creative executives shared with fans what would have happened in the TV finales you never got to see. Here are some TV shows that didn’t get to live up to their full potential, and how they might have ended brought to you by Ranker.

1. Firefly

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How it ended: The show that was set 500 years in the future was canceled after eleven of the fourteen produced episodes were aired. It ended just when River became a fully-fledged member of the Firefly ship’s crew. The continuation of Whedon’s short-lived 2002 show, Serenity, attempted to tie up a number of storylines by killing off some key characters.
How they wanted it to end: Jayne Cobb, also known as the “Hero of Canton,” would have finally gotten his own spaceship. In the comics, Zoe and Wash have a child, and that’s what’s would have happened in the series too. Inara and Mal’s relationship would have gotten more complex since Inara would have told that she is terminally ill in Season 2.

2. Freaks and Geeks


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How it ended: The show about a misfit high-school student and her pals got canceled after just one season. Lindsay Weir who was played by the now 42-year-old actress Linda Cardellini, left her school to follow a rock band on the road with her friends, without telling her family. And that was it. After the cancellation of the show, creators Feig and Apatow went their separate ways in the world of TV.
How they wanted it to end: Fans were happy when the creator of the show revealed the fate of the characters of the show in 2002. Lindsay’s destiny was to become a performance artist after high school and then become a human rights lawyer. Sam would have joined the Drama club, while Daniel would not be that lucky and end up in jail. Nick would have become a brave soldier in the Army.

3. My So-Called Life

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How it ended: The show about is a high schooler in constant turmoil over her exposure to boys, friends, and sex was full of drama and ended when the main character Angela ran off with Jordan Catalano, who was played by Jared Leto, even though she knew that Brian was the one who wrote a love letter to her.

How they wanted it to end: Creator Winnie Holzman said: “I pictured a situation where Angela and Jordan are an item, Delia and Brian are an item, and Angela and Brian are constantly looking to each other for advice and help with their respective dysfunctional relationships.”

Sharon was going to get pregnant and Mr. Katimski would have been exposed as a gay man to the whole school.

4. Pushing Daisies

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How it ended: The comedy show left a lot of things unsolved and a lot of fans questioning when it ended after two seasons. Pushing Daisies ended when Ned finally let Charlotte come back into her Aunts’ lives again.

How they wanted it to end: While speaking with SyFy, creator Bryan Fuller revealed what was supposed to happen in the third  season: “We’ve arced it out. The dangling threads from the series with Chuck’s father and Ned’s father and the pocket watches are all dealt with, not secondarily, but there’s a whole new story that happens when there is a flash flood in the cemetery and all the bodies wash past Ned, and it’s Ned versus a thousand corpses.”

5. Veronica Mars

Photo: The CW

How it ended: The drama series with Kristen Bell in the main role ended when her titular detective was relegated to being an outcast at her high school once again. There was a film that was made years later but it did not show the rest of Veronica’s high school career.

How they wanted it to end: According to the creator of the show, Rob Thomas, Veronica would have been sent to an FBI training school.

5. Carnivàle

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How it ended: The show set in the United States during the Great Depression and Dust Bowl ended when the two brothers Ben and Justin were both severely injured from their climactic confrontation. If the show wasn’t canceled fans might have seen an apocalyptic action.

How they wanted it to end: Creator Daniel Knauf said that the show was supposed to have five seasons, with the brothers fighting with atomic weapons.

6. Felicity

Photo: The WB

How It Ended: The show about a shy girl who finds out what life on her own is, ended when she went back in time to try to change the future in which she has chosen Noel over Ben.

How they wanted it to end: J.J. Abrams’ original ending for Felicity was always for her to end up happy with Ben. The show had few additional episodes after ending, in which things got even more complicated.

7. Agent Carter

Photo: ABC

How it ended: The series about an unstoppable secret agent for the Strategic Scientific Reserve ended after just one season when Peggy and Agent Sousa got together.

How they wanted it to end: Speaking with THR, executive producer Michele Fazekas shared details on how Peggy and Sousa’s relationship would have played if the show had more seasons.

8. Hannibal

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How It Ended: A lot of people were disappointed when the thriller show got canceled. It ended after three seasons when Will and Hannibal finally worked to complete one murder together. However, the pair was seen hurtling off a cliff’s edge and their destiny was to be questioned from then on.

How they wanted it to end: Luckily, creator Bryan Fuller told fans the destiny of Will and Hanibal as well as that Hannibal’s fourth season would have further looked into the effect that Hannibal’s cannibalistic lifestyle had on Gillian Anderson’s Bedelia.

9. Pitch

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How it ended: The show where the baseball pitcher Ginny Baker immediately rises to fame ended with a cliffhanger when the main character suffered an arm injury. That left fans wondering what will happen to her career.

How they wanted it to end: Ginny would have recovered from her injury and she would have started work during Spring Training.

10. Happy Endings

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How It Ended: The show about the adventures of six friends was promising but it ended with its third season. The show ended with Alex and Dave’s break up.

How they wanted it to end: Creator David Caspe revealed to TVLine that Happy Endings would have further focused on Alex and Dave’s relationship.

11. Bored To Death

Photo: HBO

How it ended: This offbeat comedy ended when Jonathan played by Jason Schwartzman became aware of the fact that he had been sleeping with his half-sister.

How they wanted it to end: However, Schwartzman admitted that the fourth season was going to be a good one.

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