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What Are Your Favorite Stars From Christmas Movies Up To Now?


It’s that time of the year! You’ve opened the Christmas presents and ate every possible candy you could. Now, it’s time for a Christmas movie marathon! You are probably sitting in front of the TV and waiting for How the Grinch Stole Christmas to start. But what happened to all of the stars from your favorite Christmas movies? Where are they today? Some of them are still acting, but some are totally unrecognizable. Check out this list compiled by Diply.

1. Taylor Momsen played little Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

She was the cutest girl in Whoville who just wanted to bring ou the good in the evil Grinch!


The Gloss

Wait, what? Years later, we saw her on Gossip Girl, and then she quit acting for music. She is now the lead singer in a band called The Pretty Reckless. It’s pretty hard rock!



2. Remember little Charlie Calvin?

The Santa Claus classic movie features this sweet boy many people fell in love with.


Eric Lloyd played Charlie Calvin in the entire trilogy of this popular movie. Can you believe he only starred in one movie after the trilogy was over? That’s a loooong break!

ABC News

3. Love Actually was a great movie.

Joanna is the one in the glittery jeans who stole Sam’s heart.

Us Weekly

Olivia Olson is gorgeous. Did you know she was the voice of Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time?

Instagram | @oliviaroseolson

4. Here is Sam from Love Actually.


Thomas Sangster has been in a lot of movies since this one. Have you seen him in The Maze Runner?

Twitter | @SangsterDaily

5. Michael was awesome in Elf!



Daniel Tay is grown up now. He is 24 and hasn’t acted much.



6. Randy in A Christmas Story 

Poor Randy! He couldn’t move his arms in this scene.

Carmel Crossroads

Ian Petrella currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio and works on animation and puppetry.

Muppet Wiki

7. Little Ralphie!

All he wanted was a BB gun for Christmas and his wish did come true!


Good Housekeeping

He isn’t that little anymore. Look at those eyes. He is a real cutie! Peter is still very active in Hollywood, producing films like Iron Man.

Richest Celebrities

8. The bully from A Christmas Story!

Scut Farkus was a bit evil, wasn’t he?

Villains Wikia

However, the real Zack Ward is nothing like him! He is still into acting and is a producer as well.

Prison Break Wiki

Here are some more Christmas movies to add to your list.

Source: Diply

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