Feeling Grateful And Blessed After Reading This Story

Feeling Grateful And Blessed After Reading This Story




We sometimes forget that we were blessed and God put shelter over our heads and clothes on our body to wear to protect us from the cold.

We have so much, and race every day to have even more, that we forget that some people in this world have lost everything.

But, not everyone is like that.

Nicole Marie Heintz from Lakeville, Minnesota was headed to her job that fatehful day when she pulled over at a gas station on her way to work, to fill up and grab some coffee.

“When I pulled up to the pump I shut my car off and saw this middle aged man crying looking at the gas pump,” Nicole wrote in a Facebook post.

“I began to wonder what happened with this man and as I got out of my car and looked at him my heart felt like it stopped.”

The man was wearing flip flops with nothing but some socks which had holes in them. It was 10 degrees outside and on top of that, there was a strong, cutting wind in winter in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

He looked depleted. She figured he was either homeless or something had gone terribly wrong for him.

She glanced over to his car, and there was a lady sitting on the seat next to the driver’s, crying to herself, both hands covering her face.

Their two daughters were cuddling under a blanket to keep themselves warm in the back seat.


She went over to him and said:“’Sir is something the matter?’

“I can’t even provide for my family,” said the man as tears were coming down his face.

As any compassionate human being would have reacted in that situation, she hurried to put her card in the machine and told him to fill up.

At that same moment, his wife approached them and asked him what was going on. The man told her that Nicole was going to pay for their gas.

The lady started crying as well and shook her hand.

Now imagine the state that this family must have been in to feel so deeply about something as simple as someone buying gas for them.

Since the lady looked depleted as well,  Nicole offered that she take some clothes from her luggage that was in her trunk, that the airport had returned to her which had been delayed on a flight to Minnesota from California.

“This lady RAN back to her car,” wrote Nicole.

“I was so afraid I had just embarrassed her but a moment later her and her two girls were digging through those clothes layering my sweatshirts and shirts and sweat pants over the worn out clothes they had been wearing.”


Photo from Nicole’s facebook page.

People gathered around them once they noticed that something was going on. Nicole’s actions prompted them to give some of what they had to the family too.

“And some older man gave the family a gift card and another middle-aged man gave away his jacket to the father.”

I hope this story will light up a candle in your hearts and maybe, just maybe move you to similar action too. Always think of your less fortunate fellow humans!

Source:Nicole Marie Heintz

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