This is what your feet say about your personality. I was really surprised how accurate it is!


Not content with reading palms, foot readers get right to the base of the issue, by saying the foot is actually the key to our personality. It has been practiced in the East for more than 5,000 years and is slowly dribbling West as people desire to know more about their inner workings from their external shell becomes stronger.

From leadership to love the foot can answer all your questions pertaining to your self or your loved ones character traits.

We’ll see!

First check out your own foot and see which shape it resembles then read on for your foot disclosure.

The Roman


The Roman foot, also known as the ‘common foot’, has the toes in a downward gradient. Roman footed people are classified as outgoing, social types. They love adventure and exploring new places and meeting new people. They get bored easily and prefer little attachments and commitment. But when they meet someone thye feel they are connected to they will be loyal and trustworthy.


The Greek

The Greek

You can identify the Greek Foot when the middle toe is longer than the big toe. These people are full of eternal hope and are always striving to make things better. They are never content with the status quo and are highly ambitious. Most people cannot keep up with their expectations so they often find themselves alone.They’re highly optimistic and extremely caring.


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