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20 Female Celebrities That Kept Their Pregnancies Under Wraps

20 Female Celebrities That Kept Their Pregnancies Under Wraps

One of the, shall I say, anti-perks when it comes to being a celebrity is all the publicity you generate and all the attention drawn to you. Sometimes, you just want to keep certain aspects of your life secret from the general public.

When talking about pregnancy, especially, is the thing that causes the most publicity in the case of most female celebrities. I mean, let’s not dapple into how much attention Beyonce called to herself when she fell pregnant with her twins.


These 20 celebrities decided that they didn’t want that publicity, and they successfully managed to keep their baby bumps a secret from the general public.

1. Eva Mendes

This 43-year-old actress is quite well known for living a quiet life with her husband Ryan Gosling, so this should come as no surprise.

She only announced her pregnancy a month before her second child was actually born.


Source: IMDb | Barry Wetcher | Columbia Pictures Industries

2. Leighton Meester

This actress, most notable for playing Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl kept her pregnancy, as well as the majority of her relationship with Adam Brody on the low down.


Source: IMDb | Claire Folger | Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

3. Blake Lively

Blake and Ryan Reynolds kept the secret for as long as they could. Blake broke the news right up until her baby bump was simply impossible to hide.


Source: IMDb | Michael Desmond Photography | The CW Network

4. Isla Fisher

People immediately began to theorize that the 41-year-old actress fell pregnant after she bailed on her role in Now You See Me 2, and as it turned out, they were correct.


Source: IMDb | Universal Pictures

5. Kerry Washington

By wearing strategically designed clothes and keeping the paps away from her, the Scandal star was able to keep all her pregnancy under lock and key. Well done!


Source: IMDb | Richard Cartwright | ABC

6. Adele

The world-famous singer took a different approach to her pregnancy; she made the news public but then went into social media hibernation until she gave birth, hoping everyone respected her privacy.

Sometimes, simple hibernation just works.


Source: Instagram | @adele

7. Donald Glover

The 33-year-old simply kept the fact that he was having a son under wraps before the moment was right.


Source: IMDb | Quantrell D. Colbert | The FX

8. Megan Fox

It wasn’t until late in her third pregnancy that Megan Fox finally revealed the good news to her fans, friends, and family.


Source: IMDb

9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

He may seem like an outgoing gentleman, but he still likes to keep things private. Like his wedding. And the birth of his first child.


Source: Instagram | @hitrecordjoe

10. Drew Barrymore

The 42-year-old Charlie’s Angels actress tried to keep her first pregnancy private with the best of efforts, but a few bump pics still made it online. So she really went under wraps for her second one, simply wanting to share the moment with friends and family.


Source: IMDb | Darren Michaels | Columbia Pictures Industries

11. Beyoncé

Even though Beyoncé lit the internet, and especially Instagram on fire with revealing her twins, Blue and Ivy, she actually kept the majority of her pregnancy private only delivering cryptic clues about her twins in public.


Source: Instagram | @beyonce

12. Max Greenfield

While Greenfield will go on about 2-year-old son, you may be interested to hear that the 37-year-old has an older daughter, Lilly.



13. Nicole Kidman

This 50-year-old Aussie went quiet when she fell pregnant with her child following the marriage with Keith Urban.


Source: Instagram | @nicolekidmanfci

14. Keri Russell

Keri and her husband Matthew Rhys welcomed their first child in 2016, but they stayed so quiet to the point that no one knew Keri actually gave birth.


Source: Instagram | @tina_turnbow

15. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

In 2010, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his wife Hilarie Burton welcomed their first son, and most of the world was shocked that they were together let alone that they had a son together!


Source: Instagram | @jeffreydeanmorgan

16. Lucy Liu

The Kung Fu Panda actress surprised the world when she welcomed her son Rockwell Lloyd through surrogate.


Source: Instagram | @lucyliu

17. Tyra Banks

Just like Lucy, this 43-year-old TV personality surprised the world after she welcomed her first child through surrogate. She has been vocal about her fertility problems in the past, making it all the more logical to hide her surrogate until her son York Banks Asla was born.


Source: Instagram | @tyrabanks

18. Owen Wilson

This 48-year-old Midnight in Paris star stays quiet when it comes to his personal life, so you might be surprised to find that he has two young sons. Ford and Finn, born in 2011 and 2014 respectively.


Source: Instagram | @_owenwilson

19. Anna Paquin

Paquin and her husband Stephen Moyer are an example of an on-screen couple turned real-life. The privacy of her pregnancy was to the point where she used a stunt double on True Blood while she was pregnant.


Source: Instagram | @_annapaquin

20. Alexis Bledel

Bledel and her husband Vincent Kartheiser are probably one of the most zipped-lip couples of the decade. The only thing we know about her children is that during an interview, one of her co-stars from Gilmore Girls mentioned her son.


Source: IMDb | Saeed Adyani | Netflix

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