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Twenty Feminist Tattoos That Show Body Ink Can Be Both Artistic And Political


Although tattoos are widely seen as purely decorative artwork today, they can be a powerful way to communicate a political statement. Feminists are one group of people who don’t shy away of making their feelings about “Girl Power” clear through tattoos and when the body art is skillfully done, this works a real treat.

Keep scrolling for some of the best feminist tattoos found on the internet, where the idea they are conveying and their visual quality are both of the highest caliber.

1. Votes for women

The dainty flowing script and soft flowers build upon the celebration for one of the greatest achievements of womanhood.


Source: Instagram | @justjentattoos


A floral horseshoe surrounds hands forming a pinkie promise, the Venus symbol for women and the famous “GRL PWR” abbreviation.


Source: Instagram | @palomitika

3. F*ck the patriarchy

In a quirky, comic-book style, a knife is juxtaposed to painted nails and jewelry, perhaps highlighting the complexities of women.


Source: Instagram | @rat666tat

4. Suffragette

A tribute to the countless women who paved the way, as well as the “Deeds Not Words” slogan.


Source: Instagram | @emilyelinskitattoo

5. Moving

Uplifting and powerful!


Source: Instagram | @amandahubacek

6. Girl Power

Unique placement, extraordinary crafstmanship and a timeless message make this tattoo a particular favorite.


Source: Instagram |

7. Still I Rise

Another mythical feminist slogan stands above a raised fist incorporated into the middle of the Venus symbol.


Source: Instagram | @jelenawolves

8. Woman & proud

This watercolor-inspired artwork would be a beautiful addition to any wall, book or desktop, but to have it on the female skin is simply out of this world.


Source: Instagram | @virginiebtattoo

9. A new take on the old symbol

When an artist makes something seen so many times appear new, fresh and different but equally meaningful, they have done their job to the utmost.


Source: Instagram | @redskytattoo

10. Girl Almighty

A powerful message delivered loud and proud through the simplest of designs.


Source: Instagram |

11. Pinkie promise

A beautiful black and white take on the pinkie promise between thorny roses.


Source: Instagram |

12. Power

No need for words here, this commanding black and white version of the raised fist and the Venus symbol simply says it all.


Source: Instagram | @lucasmascangni

13. Less is more

The brilliant simplicity of this one is perhaps the only thing that could make a female’s hip more beautiful.


Source: Instagram | @_mazice

14. Whimsical

An artistic tattoo of a woman breastfeeding her two children highlights how natural and inherently lovely this act actually is.


Source: Instagram | @floraderma

15. Nevertheless She Persisted

A legendary slogan written in cursive script contrasted by bright, colorful flowers make for a gorgeous work of art.


Source: Instagram | @alexrowntreetattoo

16. Simple, yet rich

Stunning flowers are draped over a timeless symbol, but it is the muted colors which somehow set this one apart as extraordinary.


Source: Instagram | @maureen_grimason

17. No means no

A slogan that cannot be repeated often enough delivered in a loving and uplifting manner.


Source: Instagram | @theadeleysandwich

18. Equality

Two straight lines, so much meaning.


Source: Instagram | @fabitattoo

19. Black and white

There is something about the lack of colors, the font and the wreath here that makes this tattoo chillingly beautiful.


Source: Instagram | @karenglasstattoo

20. Fiery

What could be more badass than a flaming bra? A tattoo could hardly express more without any words.


Source: Instagram | @charlinebataille

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