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Fenella McCall Shows Her Body Transformation And Reveals An Interesting Fact About Scales

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Have you ever felt the need to change something for yourself and when you finally do it, you feel like a whole new person? Well, 30-year-old Fenella McCall really wanted to change her lifestyle and body. Now, she posts inspiration, transformation pictures and a lot of healthy stuff on Instagram and shares with the world that she has come a really long way.

My secret? Fitness and food .. I started @kayla_itsines #bbg in Aug 2015, along with Boxing and now- more recently weight lifting ️‍♀️.. I ate pretty healthy anyway, but lots of sugar, until my bloating got too much- and I cut out dairy, gluten and sugar (including fruit) about 4 months ago… Since Christmas though, I’ve been super lenient and eating all the foods .. My tummy seems to of healed a bit though .. This isn’t easy, in fact, it’s pretty hard!! But after 15 years or drug abuse and smoking ciggies- I am so glad I got clean and then healthy cause I’ve never felt better in my life ❤❤❤❤ It really is possible to change your whole lifestyle around ✔️. I know- cause I have done it ☺️✨ xxx (side note- I avoid dairy as much as possible, will only have a TINY bit of soft cheese if I can’t avoid, I generally steer clear of gluten, and I totally steer clear of packet sugar/ refined sugar) ( only a little fruit each day to ) xxx

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She started working out in August of 2015 and never stopped. Her body has changed a lot in the process. On Instagram (known as fitfenji) she posts a lot of before and after pictures and I have to tell you, her transformation is mind-blowing.

In one of her posts, she explains how hard she worked and how stronger she is now thanks to weightlifting, boxing, yoga and doing Kayla Itsines’s Bikini Body Guides. Fenella also reveals an interesting fact.

Even though her muscles are denser than fat, she gained weight from strength-training. Her arms, legs or waistline don’t show it. It seems like we shouldn’t trust scales again.

“Bloody scales — never trust them again,” she wrote in her caption.

What’s really amazing and inspiring about Fenella is that she was a heroin addict and spent 15 years using drugs and alcohol. She’s been drug-free since 2015.

In 2016 I finally learnt how to love myself ❤️. I would say ‘again’ but I never truly think I learnt how to in the first place … I learnt that it is possible to be happy and at peace with myself . I learnt that it doesn’t matter what you think of me as much as it matters what I think of me ☝️.. I finally realised that I can’t please everyone and mannnnnn was that a relief ✨.. I figured out that it was actually ‘never too late’ to follow my dreams. 2016 brought me a world of possibilities and I will be forever grateful ☺️. For the whole of 2016, I didn’t inject heroin. Something I used to do daily for the many years before .. The photo above on the left, I hated myself . The photo above, in the middle, I was trying and battling to love myself. And the photo above on the right, I am actually starting to get somewhere … To LEARN the art of self love … You guys have helped me SOOOOOO much along the way…. Thank you and can’t wait to push my limits even further #bbg2016

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Now, she eats three to five meals a day. All of them are made up of a palm-size serving of carbs and protein. She cooks with coconut oil, and it seems like her approach to food works perfectly well to fuel her active lifestyle, regardless of the scale.

LET’S TALK HEALTH ✨✨ I have a lot of people DM me about my bloating and what to do. Now I can only speak from my experience and just a reminder I am not a professional . Since I can remember, I’ve had #IBS which for years and years played out in EXTREME bloating and constipation (all the time). Couple this with over a good decade of ice and heroin addiction and my insides were COMPLETELY messed up .. I had done A LOT of damage… I had tried a lot of professionals and diets but had never fully been ready to commit . In the end I just got DESPERATE to change though… About 10 weeks ago, I cut out ALL dairy, gluten and sugar… After hectic withdrawal symptoms and pains for the first FOUR weeks, I have now experienced RELEIF !! I only now get bloated a couple days before my period .. WHAT!?!? Every other day, I’m like ‘WHAT BLOAT ‘ cause it AIN’T THERE!!!!! Also, after 4-5 weeks on this ‘lifestyle change’, I began going to the toilet…. NORMALLY!!!! I’m sorry but for me, that is LIFE CHANGING !!! I’m not going back to gluten or dairy, but I will go back to fruit… Just not refined sugar… I don’t even want sugar like I used too.. I now crave veggies .. My body is HEALING!!! Anyway, hope this helps you guys that have been asking ❤️❤️❤️ Have a FAB weekend

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“Now I’m excited if the number goes up, as that means more muscle,” Fanella wrote. “I am the happiest and most content I have ever, ever been.”


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