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Festival Glitter Hair Tutorial By Amy Rose


We just can’t hide the excitement when it comes to going to a festival. That means we have to get our style, makeup, hair on point and look adventurous, hippie and edgy.

Of course, the key ingredient here is glitter and it’s perfectly acceptable to wear it wherever you want. This is not the time to style your hair as you always do, this is festival mode.

YouTuber Amy Rose is sharing with us a very fun hair tutorial that will inspire your inner glitter monkey.

Let’s do it:

1. What you are going to do first is separate your hair on top and twist it in a form of a bun. Then, separate the hair you have left down in two pieces.


2. Start curling them with a curling iron.


3. Put the hair you have on top down and start doing the same thing again.


4. Take the part of your hair in front of your face and then twist it. Do the same with on the other side.


5. Take some glitter and put on your parting.


6. Take a brush and blend the glitter.


And now you are ready to go to a festival.

If you want to watch the whole process, click the video down below:

Source:Amy-Rose Walker

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