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Five Easy Festival Hairstyles To Try


With the summer coming up it means that festival season is here and we have to be prepared and rock unique and edgy hairstyles. But, life is too short for boring hair so take care of it even if you’re going to the grocery store. The hairstyles that you are going to see below are very useful for everyday styles also.

YouTube beauty and hair tutorial, content creator Kayley Melissa focuses on creative, do-able hairstyles for everyone. She is a hair braiding enthusiast and recently gained over 1.3 million subscribers on her main channel. Kayley shares with us a tutorial where she will do 5 hairstyles that you can rock at festivals.

1. Double accent braids

For the first hairstyle, if you want to look edgier these braids will do the job. You start by curling your hair and spraying them. In the sections you want, take small sections of hair and braid them. To spice things up, take a colored cord of your choice and wrap it around the braids. Fun!!

festival 1

2. Bangled ponytail

Take your favorite bracelets and separate them in your hands. Create a low ponytail by taking all of your hair and tie them with the bracelets you have. You can leave some pieces of hair in the front to look messier.

festival 2

3. French braid wrap

This one is pretty easy too. Start by taking pieces of your hair from your hairline by creating a french braid. Then, you can still tie your braid and wrap some cord around it. Perfect!

festival 3

4. Top-knotted hairstyle

Take a section in the front of your head and dutch braid it. Then, take some other pieces from the sides and create a small ponytail. Turn the ponytail into a bun and you can use a bun cuff or bracelet to crown your bun.

festival 4

5. Side braid

Last but not least is the side braid. For this one, you can start by pulling your hair to one side and take small sections there to create a braid framing your ear. After you do that, secure the end of the braid with a hair elastic and to accessorize put some gold tiny rings in the braid wherever you want.

festival 5

Take a look down the video below to see these festival hairstyles more closely. Enjoy!

Source:Kayley Melissa

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