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Watch What Happens When Your Fiance Does Your Makeup


There’s nothing better than having someone else do your makeup. Well, at least in my case. But, who would that someone else be? Can you imagine if it was your fiance? You might be surprised how handy they can get with makeup…

Or not.

We have seen many challenges that famous makeup artists make, where they make their husband/boyfriend/fiances do their makeup. These types of videos will never fail to make us laugh because in the end the result might look often weird but sometimes they actually do a good job. Maybe they really watch their girlfriend’s videos.

fiance 1

A big challenge for us girls can be winged liner or any eyeliner that exists and YouTuber Chloe Morello makes her fiance do it. Can you imagine how it might turn out? We are very curious to find out.

fiance 2

Sebastian not only has to do her makeup but he has to find every adequate tool to do it. Now, I call this a challenge.

fiance 3

In the video, you will see a lot of confusion and laughter which makes it very enjoyable to watch. In the end it seems like Chloe ends up with a winged liner, red lips and blue eyeshadow. Speaking of contouring, let’s say that we’re not a very big fan of what he did…

fiance 4

Anyways, to see the whole video and everything else, press play below and enjoy!

Source:Chloe Morello

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