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You Can Now Buy A Fidget Spinner Shaped Lip Balm At Sephora


Stuff goes viral every day, and some of it is understandable. Like unicorns and roses. Except, no, wait, I still don’t understand the hype behind clothing or anything that has a unicorn or rose embroidery on it. It just makes no sense to me even after a long time spent analyzing and trying to come up with a logical synopsis as to why it exists.

And the viral trend that takes the cake for the one that I least understand is fidget spinners. At first, they were an innocent little toy designed to kill boredom and relieve your stress, but today, people actually use them to get views on YouTube. Like, seriously, there are some channels out there that make clickbait videos about spinning a fidget spinner at 3 AM and pretend it’s spooky.

And now, Sephora, the highly celebrated makeup retailer is launching a new lip balm in the shape of a fidget spinner. I wish I was making this up.


Source: Instagram | @glamspinner

The Sephora Glamspin is a fidget spinner shaped lip balm

It spins just like a regular spinner and it has three different “flavors” of lip balm on each spot where the bearings would be.


Source: Instagram | @glamspinner

The product was created by BuzzFeed Product Labs and Taste Beauty

It apparently took only a month to develop.


Source: Instagram | @glamspinner

Glamspin was initially available online

But as of August 2nd is also available through Sephora.


Source: Instagram | @glamspinner

The three flavors are Grape Twist, Peach Twirl and Strawberry Cyclone

Clever naming strategy there.


Source: Instagram | @glamspinner

There can be no disputing that this will be extremely popular with teens

After all, stress can lead to dry lips in some cases, so not only can you relieve stress by spinning, but you can also heal your stressed out lips with some lip balm. It’s the best of both worlds!


Source: Instagram | @glamspinner

Will you be getting one of these, or do you think the fidget spinner fad should just be put to rest already? Let us know in the comments!


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