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A Mom’s Warning: ‘Fidgets Are Dangerous’


Didn’t you love it when a random little thing became a massive craze in school? I mean, do you remember Pokemon cards? Or Yo-yos? Pogs too? Well, these items can often help people focus and relieve stress and were mostly created to help children with ADHD.


And now, we have fidgets.

They come in various shapes and colors and while we thought that kids wouldn’t get their hands off iPhones, it turns out that some things don’t change that often.

However, now you’ll want to get rid of these fidgets because a mother has a warning for everyone. Her son almost lost an eye by playing with one.


Molly, an Australian mom said that this happened when his 11-year-old son, Isaac was showing his friends some trick with it.

Speaking to Kidspot, she said: “He threw the spinner up a little higher and he didn’t manage to catch the spinner but it came down and clipped the corner of his eye and crunch.”

“He was very lucky not to lose his eyesight let alone his eyeball,” she added.

According to Kidspot, Isaac is left with a scarring on his eye where he can’t see from the corner of his eye and has to turn his head in order to see.


Some teachers also banned the toy in some schools considering it distracting.

This leaves us wondering though, if we go down this path, wouldn’t almost every toy be considered dangerous if it’s not handled carefully? Because, let’s face it, the people handling toys are usually children, and they play, throw, fight and all.

What do you think?


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