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A Video Leaked From Gamescom 2017 Suggests FIFA Street Will Feature In FIFA 18!


The release of a new installment of one of the most popular sports simulations in history draws nearer as EA Sports’ FIFA 18 is set to be unveiled on the 29th of September 2017. Ladbible writes how although two of the greatest features in the history of the FIFA games – namely running away from referees to avoid a booking and an indoor mode of five-a-side football which were popular at the end of the 90s won’t be returning, the equally loved FIFA Street might well be making a comeback.

Back in 2005, EA added football to its EA Sports Big portfolio which distributed casual and extreme sports games that featured non-realistic, arcade features similar to Midway’s sports games. The EA Big catalog included games such as SSX, NBA Street, Freekstyle, NFL Street and Def Jam Vendetta between 2000 and 2008 when it was discontinued.

FIFA Street brought the skills of street football to the gaming world and famously featured then-superstar Ronaldinho on the front cover.


Like its footballing cousin, NBA Street was a fun game that which was something of a modern equivalent to the legendary arcade game Street Hoop.

There were three more editions of FIFA Street, with the most recent being the 2012 version. In May this year, however, creative director Mat Prior ruled out its imminent return, telling Dream Team: “It’s something we’re aware of, and we know people ask us about it, but we’ll see in the future.”

But a fresh video from Gamescom 2017 which is currently taking place might be suggesting otherwise – FIFA Street returning to this year’s version of the main game already.

It’s exciting news for old fans who used to play the original, as well as the ones who never got to play ‘Street’ when it was a stand-alone game.

After a long wait, this week was a landmark for aficionados as details of ’18 have started coming out with the official trailer having been released on Monday.


Now, the only nostalgic feature left to bring back is the legendary indoor mode. There might be more waiting until that happens, but one can always dream.

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