Fifteen Common Practices That Most People do Wrong


Ever wondered if there is a better way of doing something? Or are you just so caught in your usual routine that you don’t even think if there is a more efficient way of carrying something out. We have selected fifteen common practices that could make your life easier. Check them out and then some of the tips to a friend.

  1. Toothpaste

You only need to use a ‘pea’ sized amount and don’t rinse after brushing, so that the toothpaste can carry on working



2. Shoelaces

Tying your shoes the old-fashioned way makes a knot that faces upwards and can come undone quite easily, try it the opposite way round!



3. Magnets

Magnets have lots of uses around the house, here’s just one. No need to buy a stud finder just for hanging a picture, just use a magnet!



4. Tic-Tacs

The Tic-Tac lid has been designed to deliver you just one Tic-Tac at a time. Open the pack as demonstrated in the picture!



5. Lifts

Here’s a cute trick to get to your floor quicker! Press the ‘door close’ button until they shut, keep pressing it, and now hold the floor number you want to go to. The lift will go straight to that floor without making any stops along the way.



6. Creamy Rich Pasta

Use cold, salted water, but don’t add any oil. The oil prevents the sauce from sticking to the pasta



7. Toilet Seat Covers

To prevent the toilet seat cover from falling off, tuck the front of it just under the lid

7.Toilet Seat Covers

Source:Hi-Gene Active

8. Take-a-way Cups

Here’s another clever design that we don’t make use of. The top of the cup is also a cup holder. This keeps your cup steady and also serves as a coaster!

8.To-Go Cups


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