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Fifteen Fashion Dogmas That Are Actually Totally Relative


Like any walk of life, fashion also has its own dogmas and unwritten world. Like any dogmas, however, these, too, have to be constantly challenged and questioned, as the fact that they are considered absolute truths by some, doesn’t mean they have to hold any significance for others.

Here we debunk fifteen fashion myths that are actually as relative as anything else and don’t have to hold truth at all.

1. “Busty women shouldn’t wear low-cut tops”

If it’s what you feel most comfortable in and don’t mind showing off your cleavage, simply ignore whoever tells you it is not a wise decision. It’s your life, enjoy it and play it by your own rules.


Source: Imgur

2. “Curvy girls can’t wear crop tops”

In fact, many men find this more attractive than a woman baring a sixpack.


Source: Instagram | @misslauraleej

3. “You’re too skinny to wear it”

If you want to wear a giant, baggy sweater, you wear it and don’t let anyone tell you differently.


Source: Instagram | @welcomedisappointment

4. “Red lipstick doesn’t go with red hair”

There is no reason why a ginger girl wearing red lipstick can’t look and feel beautiful. This myth should never stop you from doing so.


Source: Diply

5. “‘The Uniboob’ is embarrassing”

If you love the comfort of a sports bra and you don’t want your breasts to feel bumpy, don’t deprive yourself of that pleasure because of what anyone thinks.


Source: Instagram | @chubot3

6. “Bikinis are for slim people”

This Twitter user gathered every nasty tweet she could find about people thinking that women over 200 pounds shouldn’t be wearing bikinis and treated them with a sexy photo of herself in a bikini.


Source: Twitter | @_spetty

7. “Leggings are for slim people”

Same goes for leggings. You go, girl!


Source: Twitter | @_spetty

8. “High-waisted bikinis are perfect for curvy girls”

This usually is a hidden way of saying a high-waisted bikini is a practical way for a girl to be covering up her curves. Don’t fall for it, but do not hesitate to wear high-waisted bikinis if you think you look good in it.


Source: Instagram | @mylive_elina

9. “Short hair doesn’t look good on girls”

Says who?!


Source: Instagram | @rebel_and_saint

10. “Shorts have to be a certain length”

If you want to wear shorts that hit just above the knee, you go for it. If you want your shorts as booty as they come, why the heck not? Your size does not and should not determine what you can and cannot wear.


Source: Pinterest | Hairstylism

11. “Tall girls shouldn’t wear heels”

The only criteria determining whether you should wear high heels is whether you feel comfortable and self-confident when it comes to walking in them.


Source: REBRN

12. “Short girls should always wear heels”

There’s nothing wrong in not being especially short, and if you never felt comfortable in heels, don’t make the effort for anyone else’s sake.


Source: Instagram | @abc7newsbayarea

13. “Wear loose fitting and flowy shirts if you have a bit of a tummy”

Right. Because looking like a cardboard box is much better than showing off some curves. Again, don’t fall for it and go with what you feel good in.


Source: Instagram | @doraja_blog

14. “Short girls shouldn’t wear maxi dresses”

And why is that exactly? A short girl CAN look great in a maxi dress.


Source: Pinterest | Hope’s

15. “Flat-chested women should always wear a push-up bra”

Whether you want to push them down, perk them up, or go braless is entirely your business and no one should say otherwise, especially if push-up bras make you feel uncomfortable.


Source: Odyssey

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