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Did We Find The Holy Grail Of Mascaras?


Oh, my, what a brave statement to make. If this is the best mascara ever invented, then have we conquered the world? Every girl around the globe is on a quest for this.

Truth be told, there are useless, good and excellent mascaras, but they’re pretty rarely the best thing ever. Some of them might get near the fake eyelashes effect, but if you want the red carpet look, then you should probably get actual fake lashes.

However! We need to see this video and it just might turn out that the Holy Grail of Mascaras has been found. So let’s see what Wayne Goss has to say about it, we trust him, we’ve seen him do magic, he’s shown us how to put blusher on perfectly, so let’s see.

While we’re on the subject, what’s your favorite way of creating tornados with your lashes? Mascara with primer? Regular mascara? Colored? Extensions? Tell us in the comments!

Source:Wayne Goss

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