Find Out What The Size Of Your Pinky Finger Says About You

Find Out What The Size Of Your Pinky Finger Says About You


It is no secret that the art of palmistry has existed since forever. What you can find out through this method, i.e through the size, lines and shape of your fingers and what is actually speaking about the kind of person you are is your pinky finger.

However, during ancient times, the people who were able to perform this technique were recognized, but often feared of, since people thought they can perform some kind of magic.

These people are often referred to as “palmists”. They believe that there are various ways to tell the future based on the look of someone’s hand. They would usually use three exact lines on a person’s hand: the heart line, the life line and the head line. And you would be surprised by what your pinky finger says about you. As weird as it seems, a person’s fingernails play a crucial role as well.

One of the most certain ways of leaning about a person’s personality is through the length of their pinky finger. Palmists say that the length of the pinky finger can tell us more about three types of personality. Keep reading if you want to find out what kind of a personality you have.

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What is important before you start leaning more about your personality, is make sure to determine the three important lines that the palmists use while palm reading. The life line, for example, starts between the index finger and the thumb and goes up to the base of thumb, where it ends.



The second line is the heart line, which tells you more about your emotional state, and can certainly be a great predictor of your health condition.

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The last important line you need to know of is the head line. This line tells you more about your psychological state of mind, and your intellectual potential. The name itself says it all.


Let’s not forget the fingernails. Sometimes they also play a crucial role in determining you health condition. Believe it or not, as much as palming looks like only a fortune teller technique, it is actually connected to the world of science too. You must have noticed by now that smooth and glossy fingernails with a normal hardness indicate that you are healthy.


So, let’s find out more about your personality. Look at the height of your pinky finger. If it’s the height of the pinky finger on the photo below, you are a Type A. What this means is that you are hard-working, a bit eccentric and sometimes you leave the impression of being too arrogant.


However, at the same time, this also means that you are a nice person with a very big heart. The tough part is that sometimes it will be difficult for people to get through that protective wall you built around your emotions.


If you are a Type B, you are a little bit reserved and shy as far as meeting new people is concerned. You are usually never the first person to approach when meeting someone new. You are sensitive, but at the same time, truly loyal and loving.


People who are Type B are frequently goal-driven. But hey, look on the positive side. This means that you don’t stop until you see that something is done. However, it is worth mentioning that you are very scared of being lonely, or getting hurt.


If you are a Type C, you are a person who is afraid of the unknown. You don’t like surprises or unexpected changes. At the same time, you are an open-minded person who respects other people’s ideas.


As far as your own problems are concerned, you usually deal with them on your own, and don’t like to bother other people. You are a person who wants to be surrounded by your most loyal and respectful group of friends and family.


Did you find out what kind of a person you are? Keep on reading if you want to find out about some helpful ways on judging a person’s character.


An act of kindness

If you want to be surrounded by kind and considerate people, make sure you notice these details. Does the person donate money to charity? Have you ever seen them give money, for example-to homeless people? What is the reason that makes you believe they are willing to share this planet with the rest of the people?


Do they ever take the blame

As much as it’s hard to admit that you are wrong, sometimes we have to let go and be true to ourselves. So, does that person admit that they are wrong in a certain situation? Or do they stay quiet about it, and just wait for the storm to pass. And worse, do they pass the blame off to other people?


Why are you such a showoff?

Ok, let’s be honest, all of us have something we are proud of, whether it’s something material, or something we have achieved. But it is a fact that some people take it way too far. Just listen to people, you can usually find out if they like to show off through the words they use, and most importantly- their body language.



Once in a while, everyone wants to have a friend who is ambitious and a true warrior. These people never give up, and you can easily find this person by setting challenges they have to overcome.



If you want to befriend a person with a lot of empathy, just look for the ones who speak about the disabled and the less fortunate. If they speak compassionately about them and defend their opinions against those who speak otherwise, it means that they have a lot of empathy.

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