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Find Out What’s The Story Behind These Fifteen Terrible Ideas


Some people really need new and fresh ideas. But sometimes their ideas are not only wrong – they’re stupid. Luckily for us, we will have a good laugh and go on with our lives. How many times have you found in a situation where your impulse was the winner and you ended up being persistent to the end? These people were so persistent with their not-so-good ideas, plus no one was there to warn them. Even if there was, who can stop a man riding a unicycle from going through a car wash? His mother maybe?

Here is a fun collection of terrible ideas and the story behind them.

1. This one probably seemed like a perfect idea last night when you were really drunk and hungry at the same time.


Source: Reddit | nukayon

2. When you invent a great story for your boss, but forget to stick to it in the end.


Source: Twitter | @badizainab

3. They were late to prom and decided to take the shortcut.

3. Decided to take the shortcut to prom...

Source: Reddit | bkmgtpe

4. He just wanted to show her that baths are not scary at all, but…


Source: Reddit | travisjpope

5. Such an optimistic driver.


Source: Reddit | SwirlStick

6. When you are more than the class clown. You will surely be remembered for years.


Source: Twitter | @buttencup

7. “No, man, I’m cool. I’m just coming for a walk in a minute”.


Source: Twitter | @thatgirlondeck

8. How about showing this to your little children? So mean.


Source: Imgur | adoradandy

9. When you’re a pro at keeping keys safe. Try getting them out on your way home. That’s another story.


Source: Twitter | @DanishCracker

10. Why, husband?


Source: Reddit | Sleeper256

11. New food is always a good idea!


Source: iFunny

12. When your favorite snowman turns into a big, fat snowman because of your idea to put more butter.


Source: Reddit | Jakexzz

13. Remember to turn the light on before brushing your teeth.


Source: Reddit | white_picket_fencer

14. Church doesn’t seem so boring anymore, does it!


Source: Twitter | @IamRavindu

15. No cats here. Curiosity smashed the unicyclist around a bit.


Source: Imgur | Bleckstein

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