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Finnish Artist Envisions What Disney Characters Would Look Like In Real Life


Disney characters are always flawless and beautiful and everyone who watches Disney stuff either has a huge crush on them or looks up to them in terms of appearance. So you can imagine that if they were transferred into real life, they would look equally as stunning. And you’d be right. At least if they look like what Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen imagines them to be.

The Helsinki-based graphic designer has managed to crack the formula of making a piece of work his own without losing the original essence it may have had. While Disney characters have been re-imagined as real life people by other artists before, we can safely say that Jirka’s takes are our most favorite yet!

But what do you think? Take a look at some of his Disney-related pieces of work below.


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse


Belle is like, every 90s girl’s girl crush since forever, and the real life re-imagining looks incredible!


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse

Princess Jasmine is literally everything I’ve wanted to be

As we said before, Jirka’s distinction is that he gives these pieces of work his own touch while still keeping them faithful to the original characters.


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse



Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse

Princess Ariel

The sea-bound princess looks amazing in this form, especially those ginger locks.


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse


Even though she’s not specifically a Princess, she’s still a somewhat forgotten Disney character, but as we can see, Jirka didn’t forget!


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse

Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil is probably my favorite Disney villain of all time, and I bet the same goes for a lot of you. She looks as scary as ever in this realistic drawing.


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse

The Evil Queen

Jirka didn’t disappoint here either.


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse

The male villains don’t get skimped on either

Here’s Jafar, for example.


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse

Secondary characters haven’t been left out either

Here’s Kocoum from Pocahontas.



Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse

This is one of his slightly older pieces

A drawing of Alice from Alice in Wonderland in 2011. Interesting to see how much his skills have improved.


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse

Megara from Hercules

Megara has always been fab, and here she’s looking even more so.


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse

Prince Naveen

One of the more recent Disney princes, and he looks very handsome!


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse

Peter Pan

This is a new level of making someone look realistic but creepy at the same time.


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse

And of course, Prince Ali

This one you’ve probably seen before.


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse

You should check out Jirka’s Instagram

Where you can see more of his work.


Source: Instagram | @jirkavinse


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