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The ‘First Time’ of 20 Celebs Who Did It With Other Celebs


As the common sense says, losing your virginity is a really really big deal and important moment in your life! Movies, books, art… we’ve seen the virginity case in all these forms, teaching us ways of doing it. Well if you take a better look for example into movies and books, they usually teach us there are 2 ways of getting this job done: the first one is finding a complete stranger, have sex and never ever call that stranger again or the better way: to find somebody very special and have an epic virginity losing story. Now, as celebs are real life humans, they deal with this issue as well, right? Have they chosen the real one or a random ‘special one’, judge it yourself. Check out the list and the details folks!

Joe Jonas And Ashley Greene

It seems like keeping your promise to God is hard when you have a hot friend like Ashley Greene. Reportedly Joe Jonas dated this beautiful lady when he was only 20 and we completely understand him.


Jessica Simpson And Nick Lachey

This couple was in the spotlight so long that we all knew the details of their complicated relationship. Well just to remind you, Jessica didn’t want to swipe her V-card until they were married and thus Nick was patient enough to deliver the most epic wedding night!


Mila Kunis And Macaulay Culkin

Taking into consideration the fact that Macaulay was the very first boyfriend of Mila Kunis it is no surprise that the Home Alone star had the privilege of deflowering this stunning actress. She started dating him at the age of 19 and went through a relationship which lasted for a whole 9 years!


Hillary Duff and Joel Madden

Hillary seems to have a thing for bad boys. In her words she lost her virginity with Joel Madden and she seems quite proud of that, “I had a 26-year-old boyfriend… so everyone can make their own assumptions about what I was doing.” Yep, we see what you did there girl.


Taylor Swift and John Mayer

Taylor Swift, pretty unlucky in her love life, she used to date mean guys who cheated on her and treated her badly. On this list is the womanizer John Mayer too who actually took her virginity and then left her. Thus he ended up being the star of the song “I Knew You Were Trouble” rumored to be about him.


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