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Fitness Guru Shows Off Her Six Pack Nine Days Postpartum


Massy Arias, the 28-year-old Instagram Fitness sensation welcomed her first daughter Indira Sarai on February 28th this year, but she surprised us with something else, too. She showed her fans her toned tummy just nine days after she gave birth, which completely blew people’s minds.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, this tattooed beauty has the body of a goddess, and she certainly worked hard to get to the body she has today. Fitness has changed her life and brought her away from depression. She has become a serious inspiration for women who are looking up to her as a model. After a series of different life roles, she finally decided to become a mother, too.

Massy had a natural water birth, without doctors, hospitals, or medications. The Los Angeles-based mom took to Instagram to share a photo of herself heavily pregnant alongside a snapshot of her tummy just nine days postpartum.


Her abs seem unbreakable.


The trainer, who has more than 2.2 million Instagram followers, explained that she is ‘recovering and eating’ the best she can while adding 600 to 800 extra of calories to her diet to support her milk supply.

Additionally, she is using her own eight-week fitness program and counting her ‘macros’. This means she is tracking the number of grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats she is consuming on a particular day.

‘You saw how active I was during my pregnancy and how well I ate.’

‘I am still practicing what I believe in: food is medicine and I don’t deprive myself of any food groups. I just EAT WHOLE AND EAT WELL.’


Massy documented her entire pregnancy with her 2.2 million Instagram followers.

Using the macro calculator on her program, Massy said she is able to ‘maintain’ her figure without any exercise.


She added: ‘We all have different journeys. I love you guys.’


Her recovery seems to be going great. She has received a lot of comments:

‘Looks like consistent hard work pays off. You look amazing!’ Emma Hutchinson wrote, and a woman named Mamorena called her transformation ‘witchcraft’.

‘This is very impressive,’ she added. ‘The results of hard work and looking after yourself.’


The right diet and exercise have made her look fabulous. Actually, she never stopped being awesome in the first place.


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