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Get Fabulous Flab-Free Arms With This 5-Minute Workout


Surely you didn’t think you’re alone in hating your arm flab? Women (men too!) around the world feel self-conscious about this issue, but that doesn’t doesn’t mean it has to last forever.

The author of the video below takes you through five exercises that lead straight to sexy arms. You’ll tone them, make them gorgeous and never be embarrassed by them again. Not that you should be, though. If you learn to accept your arms no matter what, then you GO girl. But if they still bother you, scroll down, quick.

These exercises strengthen the body as one functional whole, not just one single joint, so you work from head to toe, recruiting more muscle fibers, increasing overall caloric expenditure, and delivering better results.

Combine them with a well-balanced diet and perform as many repetitions as possible for 60 seconds.

Check out the video to learn in detail how to do this.


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