A Flat Earth Believer Will Test His Idea By Launching Himself In A Rocket

A Flat Earth Believer Will Test His Idea By Launching Himself In A Rocket

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This never ends, does it? Now limo drivers imagine themselves to be scientists and try to disprove millennia of knowledge and research before them. Is the Earth flat? No. Is Mike Hughes, a driver from California going to try and prove us all wrong? He will. Well, it’s popcorn time, thanks to AuntyAcid.

Because this is what Flat Earthers actually believe:

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But one has to admire the sheer tenacity of these people. For example, Mike has even built his own rocket, so he can fly up to space, himself, in a space-ship constructed by his own two hands. Really, that’s how far the disbelief and paranoia apparently go with Flat Earthers – they distrust everyone else to the point that they’ll even make their own “rocket” so they can go and see for themselves. I wonder if he’s aware of the absolute stupidity of that idea?

And get this, his rocket is “steam-powered.”

Like, are you absolutely sure you won’t freeze to death once the rocket goes high enough? How about the question of oxygen, are you sure you won’t suffocate in your “home-made rocket”? Both of these questions only arise under the highly-unlikely condition that the rocket even takes off. What if it doesn’t, Mike? What if it bursts up in flames and burns you to a crisp, which it probably will?

You know, much like Giordano Bruno, who got burned at the stake by the Church in the 15th century because he opposed the idea that the Earth is flat?

You know, Mike? People have actually died to prove the Earth IS NOT FLAT. But okay, we get it, you want to one-up everyone and return the favor. “It’ll shut the door on this ball earth,” Mike says in an interview. He also added that NASA was being controlled by Freemasons who made sure everyone didn’t find out the Earth wasn’t round. One has to wonder what one achieves by lying to people, persistently, about the shape of the Earth? Anyone? No?

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In his defense, however, he did manage to fly a quarter-mile back in 2014 with his first hand-made rocket, in Winkelman, Arizona. So maybe this time he flies a little bit more, like half a mile. Just enough to actually get a good look at the Earth, you know. It’s not like you actually need to be thousands of miles away to get a good look at its shape.

“They have not put a man in space yet,” Hughes claims. After he put up a Kickstarter, and it didn’t take off, he made a public announcement asking for more funds. He was very reassuring: “We were kind of looking for new sponsors for this. And I’m a believer in the flat Earth. I researched it for several months.”

Impressive! No one’s studied anything for that long. It’s like a world record or something.

And Mike had actually flown in a rocket, he notes, while “astronauts” are just paid actors who pretend to be up in space, while they’re just in front of a CGI globe.

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Well, the Anti-Christ and the Illuminati were no match for “Mad Mike Hughes”, because by November he managed to get $20,000 and something that looks like a cartoon rocket, with “RESEARCH FLAT EARTH” written on the side.

His plan is to fly the rocket this Saturday, November 25th.

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All this talk of flying, but it seems like we forgot one little thing – landing. No one said anything about that… I sure hope you have a parachute and an ejection mechanism in your rocket, Mr. Hughes. And Godspeed.

Earlier this year, four-time NBA winner Shaquille O’Neal stunned the world when he revealed he was a Flat Earther…

…only to reveal he was only kidding on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Good for you, Shaq!

Source: auntyacid

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