Going Out With A Bang: Fleetwood Mac Will Do A Farewell Reunion Tour

Maybe this is a weird question, but are there any Fleetwood Mac fans here? Yes? You’re in for the time of your life, buddy because your favorite band is planning a reunion for their farewell tour this year!

The legendary ’70s band is going out with a bang!


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As DoYouRemember reports, when Christine McVie, the band’s keyboardist, attended BBC TV’s “The ONE Show” last June, she shared the good news:

“We’re going to start rehearsing in March, next year,” she told the host. “The tour is around June. It will be global.”

Moreover, back in March Fleetwood Mac’s singer Stevie Nicks spoke to Rolling Stone in an interview, where he kinda confirmed the rumors put forth by McVie.

The last Fleetwood Mac show was back in November 2015, so it doesn’t need saying that the fans are eager to see the band founded in London in 1967 play again.

The current plans for the reunion include performing at the new summer music festival “The Classic”, which will be taking place at both coasts of the USA. The lineup is impressive, including the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire, Steely Dan, Journey, the Doobie Brothers and The Eagles. (Now you know why the festival is called “The Classic.”)

The West Coast Festival venue will take place at the LA Dodgers Stadium, between July 15-16. The East Coast counterpart will start on July 29, last until the next day, and will take place at New York’s Citi Field.

Christine McVie first broke the news on BBC’s “The ONE Show.”

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However, Fleetwood Mac is comprised of talented musicians and most of them have their own solo projects going on. For example, Lindsey Buckingham and McVie released a self-titled duet album recently, while Nicks is touring across the U.S. as part of her solo career.

Some of them planned to call it quits, but they’re back to Fleetwood Mac.

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The new album by Buckingham and McVie is weird, though. Why, you ask? Well, it features almost all of the Fleetwood Mac members, but it’s not a Fleetwood Mac album!

Just goes to show how talent knows no bounds. In an interview with Variety, Buckingham said:

“John and Mick were in town and we thought, ‘Well, this will be like old-home week.’ We didn’t necessarily concern ourselves with what it was. We just wanted to pursue the process again and tap into that side of ourselves.”

Poised for a reunion:

Fleetwood Mac


McVie is no less excited, saying:

“I’m dying for that reunion. I think that’s going to be great.”


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While it’s still early for the announcement of the farewell tour dates, the band will reunite a bit sooner to perform: they have been selected as part of the 2018 MusiCares Person of the Year, and will perform at the Radio City Music Hall in New York, on January 26, 2018. Other acts include Lorde, John Legend, Keith Urban and Harry Styles.

But until that day comes, here’s something for the fans.

Watch Buckingham and McVie do a funny live performance of the classic Fleetwood Mac hit “Don’t Stop” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But why funny, you say?

Because they used classroom instruments and had the help of the students!

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And while you’re at it, here’s something else to sweetly kill time with.

The latest single by Stevie Nicks is beautiful, and you can give it a listen below:

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