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Tutorial: Floral Pattern Nail Art, On Your Toenails!


A lot of people like to think that flowers are for girls. Most will say that flowers are not exactly the manliest thing in the world, but what do they know, come on! Floral patterns work for everyone who enjoys them and honoring that, we decided to show you this video we found. It’s floral toenails, by the way.


I’ll admit one thing, and that’s that we’ve shown far too many nail art videos that focus on just your hands. For those readers who might agree on that, here’s a tutorial on a floral nail art for your toenails.


This video by MyDesigns4You is a tutorial on how to do a floral pattern on your toenails. It’s an easy tutorial to follow,¬†even though the quality is a little off. What’s important is that the steps are easy to follow, so let’s get right on with it!


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