A Young Flower Boy Is Being Helped From A Foreigner

A Young Flower Boy Is Helped By A Foreigner


James Caroll was visiting the Philippines when he suddenly spotted a young flower boy in front of the mall he was visiting.
The young boy approached him to sell some tulips and as soon as James looked at him, he realized that the boy was barefoot.
Stunned by the fact that the boy wasn’t wearing shoes, he suggested that they would both go to the nearest sports equipment shop.


As soon as they entered the shop, the man looked for the shop’s supervisor and asked for assistance. Her name was Ahyan Yerro.
“I was surprised,” Yerro told ABS-CBN News. “First time I see a foreigner with a street kid.”

Ahyan and the staff really made sure that the customers were shown all the choices and got the best service possible.


Mr. Caroll let the boy choose any model he wanted. He chose a pair of running shoes.
The staff took his size and helped the boy to try on his shoes. They were touched to see a foreigner taking interest in a child beggar from the street.


Ahyan Yerro even took to Facebook to post the story and the photos that she took of the boy and the gentleman.


As the gentleman was paying the bill, Ahyan made sure to let him know that not everyone would do this act of kindness for the children of Manila.
And then she received another surprise.


Namely, Mr. Caroll asked her to tell him a shop where he could buy the boy some clothes that were on sale.
She told him to go to the SM Megamall in Manila.

Mara Karmela, a government employee, also happened to be in the store at that particular time.
She said that the people present were bewildered to see the boy in the store and were just standing there frozen, staring at the boy and the foreigner.
“The child was very shy and did not speak much while inside the store,” she told ABS-CBN News.
At first, the kid refused to wear the kicks, out of fear that the other kids on the street would be jealous of him and would want to steal his sneakers.
However, when he got used to the idea, walking around the store with his new shoes, a sunny grin appeared on his face.
He was beaming with happiness!
“I was having a bad day at work. And all the crazy things going on. It was really a good reminder to not give up,” said Karmela.
Mr. Carroll somehow saw the post after Yerro had shared it on her Facebook and messaged the girl privately.

“I was shown your post today and saw a lot of people liked and shared it. Thank you for writing what you did, it was very nice,” he wrote to her.
However, he wished to stay anonymous.
But, she had previously found out his name through the receipt from the card transaction.
A lot of Facebook users reacted to the post!

Loveney Tercio wrote: “Godbless you sir.”
Gilbert Rosales said: “ One salute for you sir!!!”
Mr. Caroll, I hope you lead a happy life. Since you made one poor child’s heart fulfilled.

Source:littlethings, Ahyan Yerro

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